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Your Trust Nov 10

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    234-563$Please send details of events and meetings to up to 3 months in advance so sta" can plan their rotas.










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    Mencap are leading a national campaign against a government decision to stop paying DLA mobility budgets to the 58,000 people living in residential care homes. This change will a" ect disabled people, who use this bene! t to access the community.

    We believe that the government has made a mistake and has misunderstood how people use this important bene! t. Without this vital lifeline, people will lose their independence, be unable to take part in activities that they enjoy and be cut o" from

    their friends and family. Please go to their website to sign the online petition and use the write a letter to your MP facility. We all know times are getting di# cult with spending cuts, but this decision if implemented in 2012 will have a severe e" ect on people who use the Trust services and many more people nationwide.

    Mel AkersChief Executive





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    The fabulous Expressions 2010 event showed o" the talents of our service users and sta" to great e" ect.

    Hundreds of people had worked on art projects throughout the year to produce original animations, artwork, photography, knitting and a scarecrow sculpture to wow the public.

    Over 1,200 people came to Expressions; it was featured on 30 websites, 9 magazines and a picture of the knitted caravan was even shown by Richard Anguin on the BBC Points West weather forecast.

    There were a number of surprises during the week, perhaps the most exciting of which was a visit from Aardman Animator Steve Box, who sat down and had a drink with some of the service users who had made the Expressions animations.

    Steve is an oscar-winning animator, who co-wrote and co-directed Wallace and Gromit:

    Curse of the Were-Rabbit with Nick Park. Im a big fan of using simple materials, said Steve, who also commented that the service users animations had inspired him.

    Visitors also created huge lengths of French knitting during the week, and wrote a 35-foot Tall Story.

    The week ! nished with a Hawaiian party for service users, with cocktail waiters shaking up fruity drinks and everyone wearing garlands of $ owers as they danced the evening away.

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    >%)"(-%D$"@%(7-%&$#'(--'All the Trustees wish to thank Karen, Heather, the steering committee and all the volunteers who together so ably organised the recent Expressions week at Paintworks.

    Its a shame that even more sta" and service users were not able to organise their time to be able to attend. The event demonstrated so well that many sta" and clients go the extra mile for each other and together achieve far more than anyone could alone.

    The evening Wardrobe event was very moving and merited a bigger audience. Well done to sta" and participants. The Awards Ceremony demonstrated the self discipline of some sta" to increase their skills by training. The special awards also revealed the creativity of necessity in a variety of departments. Well done, everyone.










    Giant French knitting

    Big Dolly


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    The wrong kind of bon! re broke out at Vassall Road on the night of 5 November. An electrical fault caused the conservatory to go up in $ ames at around 4.30am.

    Mike Rogers, the Home Manager, was sleeping in the lounge and was roused by the ! re alarm. By this time, the room was half-full of smoke from the ceiling down.

    Later, ! re crews told Mike that it was a close call, a few minutes more and he could have



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    Everyone had a sleepless night, shouting and screaming and having such terrible nightmares


    following day, from the police, ! re incident teams, and sta" . On-call Manager Sara Cryer came straightaway in the morning, and Jan Gresham and Paul Butler also called round.

    As the conservatory was also the homes o# ce, all their paperwork and computer ! les went up in smoke. They lost passports, care plans and bus passes, which are causing ongoing hassle to replace. However, no one was hurt, and Mike would like to thank his sta" for coping so brilliantly.

    Everyone had such an awful time and we were so scared by a witch.Then another witch and Dracula scared us even more!

    The food was absolutely disgusting: we had to eat wing of bat, eye of newt and human brains; although somebody told me that the food was purchased at Morrisons. We thought that the brains tasted just like jelly.

    Then a really horrible wizard turned up and threatened to turn us all into frogs; we were so petri! edWe all screamed ever so loudly, especially when he took o" his disguise and we could see that it was James!!!!!

    Suddenly one of the sta" let out a blood-curdling scream: they had realised that they were late leaving


  • *+""""""!"#$%&$#'(

    Late this summer, Kilvie House was lucky enough to receive some funding from Quartet, and the parents of one of our residents, towards having the sensory garden laid. Mark Harrington from People/Plants/Places constructed the raised beds and planted lots of aromatic and sensory foliage.

    The design was created by the mother of one of our residents. Jennie, who has her own garden design business. She can be contacted via email on

    As you can see from the before photo it was rather plain and uninteresting for the residents when they sat out in the warm weather.

    It has made a vast improvement to the residents who can now look out and enjoy a colourful display of plants and, as we have bulbs planted, when spring arrives we will have even more colour.

    Hazel says the garden is alright, and Frank likes it too.





    The building of our brand new, purpose-built nursing home, Mortimer House, is on track, and due to be completed in April 2011.

    Providing state-of-the-art facilities for people with learning disabilities and dementia, it will be the ! rst facility of its kind in Bristol. People with learning disabilities are more likely to go on to develop dementia, and

    their very specialist needs are rarely met.

    Every aspect of Mortimer House has been designed to enable its 28 residents to manage their illness independently, without the extensive use of drugs. There will be automatic lighting to maximise alertness at di" erent times of the day, for example, and individual kitchenettes so people are not dependent on institutional-style dining.

    Thirteen residents from the current

    Mortimer House will move over to the new facility, and then there will be 15 more b