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    Clients and Testimonials.. 3

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  • The involvement is thorough. The drive is commendable. The dedication is heartening. And the professionalism is impressive. -Pramod Deshmukh, Country Manager, Hewlett Packard for NSG and MCF.

    "Zyeta has created the most outstanding office space I have ever come across. We are proud that it has been designated the best office for Thomson group globally. "Nandish Domlur. CEO Paprikaas Interactive.

    A tight budget, a seemingly impossible deadline. Not quite what any design team would call ideal. For Zyeta, no big deal. - Mint-Wall Street Journal

    Zyeta has designed the best offices for Flextronics despite budget and time constrains. - Pradeep Vats, AGM Properties Bharti Airtel, formerly with Flextronics

    A tight budget and a tighter time-frame not withstanding, the young brains at Zyeta Designs create an office suffused with color and cheer for Montalvo in Bangalore.-Better Interiors


  • I think you have great team that each individual have unique qualities and specialization in their own area of professional responsibilities. Subrahmanya Hegde Head- Property Management, Avago

    Managing the whole project in terms of planning, issue resolution & developing an outstanding design they are innovative, extremely sincere & committed to the cause of quality. Vaibhav Sheth Project Manager- sabmiller

    Team showed extraordinary zeal, perseverance and meticulous planning after they took up the challenge. Zyetacommitment to deliver the project on time and under budget showed up in their every aspect of their project management. We did not have any surprises along the way. They went above and beyond to make amends to small issues that were outside the scope as well even after the project was completed. Umesh Biradar CEO, Rakuten India


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  • SABMILLER INDIA MFAR Manyata Tech Park BangaloreProject timeline 120 days Scope of services Design & Project management.



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    SABMiller, is one of the world's leading beer company with their presence in 80 countries. SABMiller's wide portfolio of brands includes premium international beers such as Pilsner Urquell, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Miller Genuine Draft, Grolsch and others. With brewing interests and distribution agreements across six continents.

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    The goal is to create harmony and unity through the use of colors and patterns. A variety in the spaces keeps the employees excited about the work place andkeeps them focused.

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    Design inspired by the rhythm and color pallet, which signifies the emotion and enthusiasm of space. The colors have profound effect on how we feel both mentally and physically.

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    The concept also based upon the ideas of layering large open collaboration pods. The interplay of open and enclosed spaces, which is designed with rhythmiccolored vertical battens and vibrant color carpets inlays on floor.


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    EXPERIENCE CENTER-Beyond the reception area, visitors can access The Pub, a public space at the heart of this office. This zone has been carefully designed to suit a variety ofindividual and group requirements and features a mixture of soft seating: individual lounge chairs, standing height benches with perching stools, high back sofas, individuallounge chairs.

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    The linear pattern and light accents are intended to create an energetic feel and is encouraged by the logo color of brand. The design aim is to ensure that both needs andenvironment blends together giving an elegant balance between demand and work environment with an emotional human touch.

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    A GREAT CITY HAS ZONES, WHY SHOULDN'T AN OFFICE ?Collective living & functioning and interaction between the zones make the system more strong and focused

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    ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL :A well designed workspace SUPPORTS your regular activities throughout the day

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    The cafeteria is designed as multipurpose area where visitors can wait in this space, small groups can come together for general discussion or it can be used as an informal meeting space, apart from just dining.

  • Maxim Integrated -Mantri Commercio BangaloreProject timeline 120 days Scope of services Design & Project management.



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    Maxim Integrated is an American, publicly traded company that designs, manufactures, and sells analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. The Brief was to create a unique space with more privacy yet collaborative type for 250 seats along with five Individual Labs with Different features.

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    Another interesting and challenging input was to achieve Green standards, and the project finally got certified as a LEED PLATINUM RATED project from USGBC. Maxim Integrated is proud to have their first USGBC certified Corporate office in Bangalore.

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    Vibrant color Cubes represent the Ion implementation process. The exposed areas of the carpet are bombarded with various accent color carpets.

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    Key features:1. USGBC platinum Rated Leed certified project.2. Natural Lighting system been provided using optic fiber cables.3. 27 oz carpet has been used for the better acoustic along with the 6.5 lb Good pad underneath (so that employees can walk barefoot).4. All Equipments are connected to Daylight and Occupancy sensors to optimize the energy

  • Japanese E-Commerce Company WTC BangaloreProject timeline 50 days Scope of services Design & Project management.



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    Designing the office space for one of the lead Japanese E-Commerce Company was challenging, the office was already occupied in the 20th [email protected], Bangalore. The companys rapid success resulted to expand in same building at 29th level, the brief was to adopt more flexible work methods. The main goal was to create unique yet smart open office with agile workstations.

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    We ensured to consider everyones need; we discovered that the people wanted more small discussion rooms /Telephone Booths / Brainstorming and Breakout areas. We designed the flexible workplaces to allow employees to sit anywhere they wish to.

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    Its designed in a way that all the work spaces towards large windows to allow lot of natural light to create comfortable and open office. All closed spaces like Meeting/Discussion Rooms are towards solid areas

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    The acute angle of this floor is fully glazed, highly visible and is the best view of Bangalore. We created the variety of seats: high seats, low seating, movable seats, and lounge seats creating different moods.

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    These working pods also encourage employees to collaborate outside the boundaries of meeting rooms and interact with individuals in other departments thatthey may normally never have a reason to interact with. Lounge seating and playful gathering spaces that promote socialization

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    Mood, color, posture add lot of inputs for discussion and form culture. Employee engagements increase productivity, different from other traditional seats.

  • TrelleborgBangaloreProject timeline 60 days Scope of services Design & Project management.



  • To create a workspace that is timeless, fun, fresh & energetic and clearly reflect the high-tech image of the company as well as remain faithful to the firms corporate identity standards.


  • Inspired by Trelleborgs polymer futurist thread like structure, the graphics on glass ties up the entire space with a dominance of grey and touch of green, orange and yellow giving it its own unique personality.


  • Effort to make the office more collaborative and open office, to promote the companies vision and ideation, which resulted in the formation of the layout which is highly energetic & Social.


  • The graphics within the workspace reinforces the companies presence in different segment related solutions starting from air force to underwater static seals and solutions; they also engaging the employee and keep a conversation.


  • A small library in the vicinity makes the team more knowledgeable and engaging with ideas, as Trelleborg encourages their employees to read at work to improve their knowledge about the subject.


  • The Board room is placed near the entrance and its highly detail oriented design resembles the highness of the company and their standard rooting to the basic solutions.



    Mobile Technology Firm - Embassy BangaloreProject timeline 140 days Scope of services Design Consultancy


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    BIM based designing

  • KEY FEATURES: BIM BASED DELIVERY Higher Accuracy of Design & Drawings.

    3d Construction Drawings and Details.

    Geometrical and Spatial relationship Analysis.

    Lighting Analysis.

    Energy Analysis.

    Parametric Information on Every Component.

    Faster Delivery of Design Documents and Project.

    Quantity output for BOQ.

    Effective Version Control

    Integrated Change Management

    Construction Process and Precedence Elucidation.

    Conflict and Clash Detection and correction at Design Stage.

    Fit-out Life Cycle Management

    Helps Client-PM-Contractor understand design better







    Client aligned state of the art design capabilities.

    In-house MEP team to take care of Projects

    BIM based Designing.

    Dedicated SPOC and Resources For your Project.

    ISO 9001:2008 Certified

    Green Practices.

    Involvement of principals

    In-house Quality Control for Services.


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    201,2/3, Alfred Street,Richmond Town, Bangalore, India