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    Seasonal migration routes of Sika deerand

    Importance of GPS data

    プレゼンタープレゼンテーションのノートHello, my name is Tomomi Kudo.I’m working in Janpan Non Profit Organization.I’m going to presentation about…

  • ・Population:127 million・Area: 37,790,000 ha・Capital : Tokyo

    About Japan


    プレゼンタープレゼンテーションのノート・I think you already know, I would like to introduce about Japan.・Japan is located in Northern hemisphere.・And here is Korea, here is North Korea and China, Russia.・Population is 127million, then vertical length is almost same as western coast of America.・And Capital city is Tokyo.・My living and working place is Hokkaido where is Northern part of Japan.

  • About Hokkaido


    プレゼンタープレゼンテーションのノート・We have a lot of untouched nature.・This is one of the reason that I wanted to move from near Tokyo.・Here is Sapporo which is very big city.・Recently, I can see many foreigners.・The reason why Hokkaido is popular with foreigners is we can see snow in winter and we have huge landscape.・And this island is only one prefecture but including 5 National park and 5 semi National Park.

  • Blakiston’s fish owl

    ・Endangered species・full length : 70cm・wing span : 190cm

    Steller’s sea eagle

    ・natural monument・full length : 100cm・wing span : 250cm

    Brown bearBlakiston’s fish owl

    プレゼンタープレゼンテーションのノート・For example, we have Blakiston’s fish and Brown bear and Steller’s sea eagle.・These are very big animal either.・Blakiston’s fish owl lived in whole area of Hokkaido about 100 years ago.・But this owl needs huge tree to breeding.・So now, we have only 50 pairs.

  • Research &




    Info. SharingInternational Cooperation


    プレゼンタープレゼンテーションのノート・Our Office located in Sapporo city and very small structure.・But we try to approach for conservation mainly Hokkaido island.・These 5 missions are our main activity.・Today, I would like to talk about one of project concern to research & survey , Data & Info.Sharing.

  • Sika deer(Cervus Nippon)

    プレゼンタープレゼンテーションのノートWe have big problem that is about Sika deer’s population.We have one species of deer.This picture’s deers are all Sika deer living in japan.But Body size is different depends on area.Southern part of Japan, this island have this Sika deer.120cm 30kg.Very small subspecies.This one is living in mainland and these 2 islands.Then, Hokkaido’s deer is the biggest deer in this species.We have this one. Male deer is about 180cm and 180kg.

  • Population Change









    00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

    Agriculture and Forestry damage costs (Billion of ¥)Estimated number of deer (Million deer)Number of captured deer (Million deer)

    1 dollar = 110 yen


    プレゼンタープレゼンテーションのノートRecently, it has been proven that an increase in population size influence the environment in number of ways. This is Sika deer’s population after 2000.

    Over 2 yeas old’s female Sika deer can pregnant almost 100%.If we do nothing, population to be double in 4 years.

  • Factor of population change

    ■PredatorSika deer’s predator, wolf was extinct 100 years ago.

    ■HunterHunter’s population is tend to decreasing and aging.

    ■Climate changeRecently, we have less much snow in winter.

    So that Sika deer doesn’t bother feeding and moving.

    プレゼンタープレゼンテーションのノートWhy Sika deer’s population is increasing.Mainly, we have 3 causes.

    In 100 years ago, we have wolf.But people kill them in order to protect farm animals.Then, Sika deer’s predator was extinct.

    Second, Sika deer is popular hunting animals, but recently Hunter’s population is decreasing and aging.

    Third, Recently, we have not too much snow in winter.So that Sika deer doesn’t bother feeding and moving.

  • Influence By Population Change

    Traffic accident

    Feeding Pasture

    Eating rare species

    Vegetation damage

    Eating Bark

    Eating specific species FarmerWild life animals

    Forest Owner


    プレゼンタープレゼンテーションのノートInfluence by Sika deer’s population change is roughly divided into “Vegetation change” and ”Traffic accident”If they feed a lot of rare species will affect landscape and biodiversity.Sika deer tend to eat up favorite vegetation, so that birds can’t live in bush, then insects and small animal’s population is increasing because their predator’s population is decreasing.And feeding pasture is very serious problem for farmer.Daily farming is one of the main industry in Hokkaido.And if they feeding bark one around, that tree can’t growing anymore.

    And traffic accident will be increasing with increasing of Sika deer’s population.Mainly, Car and Train.

    Then , nowadays, many organization and university try to many countermeasures.Setting deer fence, population control, promotion of eat deer meet, like that.


  • GPS Collar

    We can see data any time,If you can use internet.


    Sending Data

    Sending Data

    プレゼンタープレゼンテーションのノートThen, I would like to introduce result of analysis using GPS collar data.The Ministry of the Environment have fitted a number of Sika deer with GPS collars in a number of locations in Hokkaido, clarifying movement patterns.

    After we fit collar for deer, data sending for satellite, then we can see and download this data on internet.We can setting interval of get data.In this case , we can get data every 3 hours.

  • GPS Collar Data

    GPS Collar Data

    プレゼンタープレゼンテーションのノート・Eastern part of Hokkaido is the best highest density of Sika deer.・This case, we caught deer living around wetland in winter.・Winter is about December to February.・This wetland has been specified National Park.・We fit collar for 10 deer in this area in 2015.・I set color each deer individual.・In February, Deer was caught in this area, and move to summer habitat.・Then, I considered about some deer may select forest area to move.


  • Forest Area & Not Forest Area

    プレゼンタープレゼンテーションのノート・So I analyzed deer movement route and what area they use.・I divided into forest area & other area using vegetation map.・Forest area is pointing out conifer.・Almost conifer aren’t lose their leaves, so that Sika deer can hide from people and keep out snow.・So this green area is conifer forests and this grey area is other area.・Other area mean is pasture or other vegetation.

  • Around Pasture Area

  • Forest Density

  • Forest Density & GPS points

  • 0







    10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%

    Number of Point Density(n = 3918)

    1084 points are located Forest Density 100% area.

    127 points

    1084 points

  • Importance Of GPS Data

    プレゼンタープレゼンテーションのノート・We can grasp the effective migration route, if we fit GPS collar for Sika deer.・It is impossible to estimate Sika deer’s migrate if we don’t get GPS tracking data.・So that we have to use GPS data effectively.

    ・But now, we have one more problem.・That is share of data.・Several organization try to fit collars for Sika deer follow the problem of Sika deer’s population is increasing.・Even if different place for catch deer, ・But still we can’t share these data.

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