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Chickenhead Investors

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Page 1: Chickenhead Investors

BOLThe Advisory Group

ΞPresented By

Page 2: Chickenhead Investors

“Dreaming is cool –

Eventually you have to wake

up from a dream and go get it

Page 3: Chickenhead Investors

All My Homies Only

Satisfied With 1st Place

…That Part

Page 4: Chickenhead Investors

I’m Focused

Still I see chickenhead investors having

sociopathic illusions, as they stumble over

played out ‘free market’ clichés and call it

‘independent investment analysis’

On Space

Page 5: Chickenhead Investors

Chickenhead InvestorsThey have strong investment

views, views taken directly from

the latest investing book –

Unscrupulous lawyers and

brokers love these dudes

because they’re making a

fortune off them

Let me break it down for you

Sociopathic IllusionsThe crazy mess brewing in the

heads of self righteous zealots

so blinded by greed that they are

convinced of their own

‘righteousness’ and it’s clearly

the rest of the world that is evil –

The prototypical racist mentality

Page 6: Chickenhead Investors

I was a child left behind,

now the fauxboys are so

far behind me that I can’t

even see them – Tell ‘em

they can crunch all the

numbers they want

Page 7: Chickenhead Investors

See the forest and the trees