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"La PAC dans tous ses Etats", conférence le 20 novembre 2014

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  • 1. La PAC dans tous ses tats Dclinaison de la PAC et impacts dans sept pays europensItalyThe CAP reform in Italy and its impact on dairyand beef farms profitabilityKees de Roest, Claudio Montanari, Alberto MenghiResearch Center Animal Production CRPAJeudi 20 novembre 2014

2. ItalieContents of the presentationThe dairy and beef chainNumber of dairy and beef farms, milk and beef productionGeographical distributionImpact of the new CAPOption chosen for the new CAP and changes with before Coupled and decoupled premia Second pillar resources Role of PDO cheesesDevelopment after 2015 3. ItalieNumber of farms and dairy cowsDairy cows per herd sizecows 1 -