приложение 1

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  • 12345ABCDE

  • A-1Match the words with their pictures.

  • A-2Find the odd word.

  • A-3Make a Christmas card

  • -4Put the letters in the correct order.

  • -5Put the lines in the right order. A day or two agoI thought I'd take a rideAnd soon, Miss Fanny BrightWas seated by my side,The horse was lean and lankMisfortune seemed his lotHe got into a drifted bankAnd then we got upset.

  • B-1When do people celebrate Christmas Day?

  • B-2He was born on Christmas Day.

  • B-3Who gives presents to children on Christmas Day?

  • B-4What animal pulls Santa's sleigh?

  • B-5Santa carries presents in this.

  • C-1Santa puts his presents for children in this.

  • C-2Father Christmas rides in this.

  • C-3Traditional food for Christmas dinner.

  • C-4What man cannot look inside a house?

  • C-5They help Santa to make presents for children.

  • D-1This was a gift to Jesus from one of the three kings.

  • D-2What day comes after Christmas?

  • D-3What day is before Christmas?

    Christmas Eve

  • D-4

    What are the main colours of Christmas?

  • D-5

    It is decorated with lights and toys and tinsel and is in all houses and squares.

  • E-1

    What are the Santas reindeers names?

  • E-2

    What names does Santa Clause have?

    Father Frost, Father Chtistmas,Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, , ,

  • E-3

    What tradition is connected with mistletoe?

  • E-4

    What is special with Santas reindeer Rudolph?

  • E-5What Christmas carols do you know?