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  • 1. : : Across cultures ( ) Starlight 11 1273

2. - 3. : 4. 2. Planned actions or intention. Ive bought tickets and booked the hotel. Im going to visit Rome. activity verbs activity and state verbs play do write read work run collect walk draw jump clean drive play runcollect read walk write draw do work jump drive like want be hate understand think feel hope love know have State verbs ARE NOT used in Continuous Tenses. Continuous Like Want Prefer Believe Hate Remember We can use Present Simple for people if their plans are fixed like a timetable. We start our studies at the university on Monday. I have a meeting at 10.30 on Thursday. What time do people in this office finish work tomorrow? 5. To play football To run To swim To jump To climb To dance Activity verbs describe actions. State verbs describe states. To love To think To feel To like To hate To look State verbs can be divided into several common groups. They are: senses, emotions, activity of mind, having and being. 6. We use to be going in the following cases: To make a prediction that will definitely happen based on observing the present situation. Look at the boy on the tree! He is going to fall. Two boys are going to make a snowman. Look at the sky! Its going to rain. To be going to 7. Across Cultures. 8. 3D Calameo 9. Calameo 10. Learningapps. . 11. Back 12. Friday the 13th is unlucky in Britain because it comes after 12 a very lucky number. A lot of buildings dont have 13th floor and some aeroplanes dont have seats with number 13! Black cats in Britain bring good luck. Maybe because of it cats are the most popular pets in British families. To see a black cat means good luck in Britain. In some countries like Russia cats bring bad luck. 13. Wait in queues. British people get very angry when people jump queues! Always say please and thank you when you ask for and receive things. Dont ask personal questions like How much money do you earn? or How old are you? Dont open your umbrella when you come to visit your British friends because British people believe that it brings bad luck. 14. A broken mirror brings you bad luck for seven years. Take it out of the house and dont look at it. Touching wood doesnt bring good luck but it stops bad luck. British people do it when they talk about good things. For example you say, Im doing well today, touch wood. A rabbits foot brings good luck but its not very lucky for the rabbit! British people believe that spilling salt can bring them bad luck. To stop the bad luck, they usually throw some of it over their left shoulder and sometimes make a wish.