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  1. 1. Dmitry Asmolov dasmolov@juniper.net PTX: 2015 Product Introduction ENABLE UNIVERSAL IP CORE ROUTING
  2. 2. WE START OUR POSITIONING FROM OUR ROOT - SILICON LESS LOW HIGH FLEXIBILITY MORE Multiservice Edge Consumer Edge MPLS Core Data Center Switching IP Core Campus Switching Secured Routers Security Appliance Mobile Edge Vanilla Switching Low Bandwidth Access Merchant Silicon BANDWIDTH OTN Services Trio Express Stateful Processors
  3. 3. Price Scale & Capacity Snapshot of Portfolio Comparison MX PTX Use cases Business Edge Converged P/PE SP DC Edge ENT DC Edge IP/Internet peering Metro Ethernet LSR MPLS Core IP Core Converged core IP/Internet peering DCI Transport/core Metro transport MAC & ARP scale (Host) 1M+ 16K IPv4 FIB (LPM) 10M 2M+ L3 VPN Instance/FIB 10K/5M+ 32/2M+ LSP 128k 128K Queues per Chip 64K~1M