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1. / MoralValuesfor Children 2. One definition of tolerance is a fair,objective, and permissive attitude towardopinions and practices that differ from onesown. , , . 3. Its easy to respectpeople who you havea lot in common with,but respecting othersright to think and bedifferent is even moreimportant. , . . 4. Being tolerant requirespatience and forgiveness.Make allowance for eachothers faults, and forgiveanyone who offendsyou. We should beespecially tolerant ofthose we have a hard timegetting along with. . . , . 5. Look for the good in others. Everyone hasat least a few admirable qualities. Focus onfinding those, not finding fault. . . , . 6. What a wonderfulworld it would be ifwe were allcolorblind and race-unconscious,where the onlything we saw whenwe looked at otherswas lovethe colorof love. , , , .Art The Family International. Text Activated magazine. PowerPoint created by www.freekidstories.org