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  • 1. How to Text Girls! to Get Dates, Phone Calls and More
  • 2. Table of Contents Part 1: Whats Wrong with Texting Today 3 Relying on guesswork 5 Failing women who like you 7 Losing focus on the goal 9 Part 2: 10 Rules of Texting 10 Part 3: Conclusion 17 Tweet this eBook Share on Facebook
  • 3. Part 1: According to 2011 data from AT&T, roughly 5 billion text messages are sent every day in the United States alone. Thats a 100% increase from merely 2 years earlier, in 2009. Text messages have become an ever greater part of our communicaIon parIcularly between single men and women. But we have to ask: does texIng work for geLng dates? Whats Wrong with Texting Today Tweet this eBook Share on Facebook 3
  • 4. Were all looking for ways to more eciently and eecIvely communicate with the people we like and want to get to know beQer. The great advantage of text messaging has been that it enables individuals to communicate in short snippets that let the recipient respond when she has a chance instead of having to decide in the moment whether to respond or not, as she would with a phone call. But despite text messagings ubiquity and familiarity, most men sIll havent gured out how to use it to get dates. Tweet this eBook Share on Facebook 4 In fact, out of all the emails, messages, and comments we receive at GirlsChase.com, guys wan)ng to know what to text next to a girl or how to interpret a girls tex)ng behavior remain some of the most frequent requests. TexIng remains a mysterious and poorly understood medium for communicaIng between the sexes.
  • 5. Relying on guesswork Guessing doesnt get you dates. Quick whats your process for geLng dates via text message? If youre like the vast majority of guys out there, your answer is this: I dont have one. Know anyone who guesses their way to success regularly with anything? So why do so many men keep trying to guess with something as important as geLng dates with the girls they like? Tweet this eBook Share on Facebook 5
  • 6. Guessing frequently leads to bea)ng around the bush Guys texIng girls they like frequently resort to trying to be interesIng, sound cool, be funny, or even worse build a connecIon with a girl over text message before asking her out. A connecIon built over text! Sounds preQy silly when you put it that way, doesnt it? But guys keep doing it. What happens? The girl knows theyre beaIng around the bush and its a turno. Tweet this eBook Share on Facebook 6 Most guys cause their own frustra)on. Youll nd most guys come in 1 of 2 styles: Too safe (beaIng around the bush), or Too forward (leLng it all hang out) And if styles dont work they keep using them anyway!
  • 7. Failing women who like you Imagine for a second that youre not you, but rather a girl that you like. And you meet some guy, and think hes cute, and you hope hes cool and that hell ask you out. Then he starts texIng you funny things about his day and trying to be clever and sending you lots of long geLng-to-know- you style texts. And this goes on and on and on. He doesnt ask you out he just keeps TEXTING. S)ll hoping hell ask you out? Tweet this eBook Share on Facebook 7
  • 8. Bea)ng around the bush destroys girls pa)ence and their interest in YOU. No girl wants to wait forever for some guy to pull the trigger. And very few girls will wait forever most of the Ime, youre not the only guy whos texIng her. And if youre not geLng down to business with her, theres a good chance someone else a liQle more moIvated, perhaps will. Being too forward can be a kiss of death though, too. Whether thats too forward as in, I really like you, or too forward as in, Here, take a look at this picture of my mem , leLng it all hang out is NOT an eecIve texIng strategy, unless youre overpoweringly aQracIve and shes already dying to see you. And even if she is, shed probably sIll like a liQle intrigue to keep her guessing. No need to disappoint her by holding up a glaring sign that says, HEY, I REALLY LIKE YOU! YOU FEEL THE SAME? Tweet this eBook Share on Facebook 8
  • 9. Losing focus on the goal How oien have you taken a girls number because you really wanted to: Get into hours- or days-long text conversaIons? Finally have someone to text all the details of your day to? Find a new buddy for comparing notes on the latest romcom with? Discuss the latest trends in fashion whats in this season, anyway? Have someone to complain to about your teacher / boss / turtle? Probably none of those, right? So whyd you get her number again? Oh, right so you could see her again. But if thats the case, why do so many guys start doing all that other stu instead? Tweet this eBook Share on Facebook 9
  • 10. Part 2: As wonderful a tool as texIng is, its actual value as a medium for connecIng people more oien than not falls short both for the person trying to do the connecIng, and the person hes trying to connect with. Understanding the rules of texIng can help you to make beQer decisions about how to do your own texIng and both create a beQer experience for the women you meet, and a much greater chance that youll see them again. 10 Rules of Texting Tweet this eBook Share on Facebook 10
  • 11. 10 Rules of Texting 1. Above all else, sIck to the point 2. Break the ice fast 3. Dont be silly or crack too many jokes 4. Keep things brief 5. Dont take too long 6. If it feels like its taking too long, it is 7. Dont tell all. Just dont 8. Dont pretend you arent interested, either 9. Get her schedule 10. Tell her what to do (its easy)
  • 12. 10 Rules of Texting Most guys today have never bothered to get down the basic fundamental rules of texIng. They (and the women they text) then suer for this. We think thats terrible. Up next, were going to go through (and explain) each of the 10 Rules of TexIng. Tweet this eBook Share on Facebook 12 1. S)ck to the point One of the reasons texIng works is because its a short, direct, and ecient means of communicaIon. Just like you feel annoyed every Ime you get a pointless-feeling text (Why is this person texIng me this?), girls do too. SIck to the point and the point, with texIng, is that the two of you should meet. 2. Break the ice fast Ever get a rst text or phone call from someone you met ages ago? Felt weird, right? Dont put girls in that situaIon a simple, Hanna, great meeIng you today! Mark, a few hours aier meeIng her will do. Oh, and dont forget your name just in case she does!
  • 13. 3. Dont be silly or crack too many jokes A lot of guys hear the well-known fact that women like a guy with a sense of humor and take that thought to its seemingly logical conclusion If girls like guys with a sense of humor, then just wait unIl they get a load of my rainbow wig and Bozo nose theyll love ME! But what people actually mean when they say women like a guy with a sense of humor is that they love a guy who makes casual, wiQy, eortless remarks not a guy whos a laugh-a-minute and comes across like hes playing the role of entertainer. So go easy on the laughs, Chuckles. Its actually beQer cracking no jokes than too many. Tweet this eBook Share on Facebook 13 4. Keep things brief Have you ever goQen one of those really long text messages people someImes send, looked at it, and silently thought to yourself, Why? Dont do that to girls dont be a burden. Ins