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1 of 20 Major Political Personalit ies States Rights Economic issues 1820- 1840 Two Party System THESIS : Pechakucha Kendrick Tan

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Major Political PersonalitiesStates RightsEconomic issues1820-1840Two Party SystemTHESIS:Pechakucha Kendrick Tan

Economic issues2of 20

State vs. Federal GovernmentTwo Party System

National bank3of 20

Second National Bank:

Expire in 1836

Clay proposal to renew

Vetoed by President Jackson

Different Political Parties

Jackson on the National bank4of 20

Benefits rich, cripples the common manVETOJackson

Henry Claycreates Whig Party to oppose Jackson

National bank> right of states?5of 20

Subversive to the rights of statesFederal vs. State?

More on rights of states6of 20

Rights of Individual States

Bank War7of 20


Tariff arguments8of 20

Tariff of 1828TensionsRights of States

Tariff of 18289of 20

Ordinance of nullification10of 20

Screw the Tariff of 1828, it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL


States vs. Federal Government11of 20


Back in Washington12of 20

SenateWhigsFederal Government

Economic distress13of 20

Panic of 183714of 20

Specie CircularDeposit and Distribution Act

Who to blame?15of 20

Whigs during the distress16of 20



Whig cartoon17of 20

Election of 184018of 20

HarringtonVan Buren

Whigs Vs. Democratsnow a real thing19of 20

So20of 20

Economic Policies >>> Rights of States