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Adjective position Adjective - วางไว้ตรงไหนดี

Adjective position

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  • Adjective position Adjective -

  • 1. adjective



  • 1.1

    A reasonable price ( )

    A successful entrepreneur

    An inevitable problem

    A satisfied customer

  • 1.2

    The price seemed reasonable.

    The entrepreneur was successful.

    The problem was inevitable.

    The customer appeared satisfied.

    : Adjectives

  • 2. Adjectives

    2.1 adj.

    2.2 adj.

  • 2.1

    The former owner was Mr. Smith.

    The company is a joint venture.

    What is the main reason for the strike?

    One of our major advantages is location.

    I was absent from the previous meeting.

  • : adj. A bulk order

    A concrete proposal

    A key industry

    Noun phrases adjective

    : The order is bulk. XXXX

    : The meeting was previous. XXXX

  • 2.2 adj.

    The issues discussed ( issue )

    The people questioned (Those questioned)

    One of the points raised

    All security cards issued from this office must be countersigned. () ( issue )

    The funds allocated

    The goods ordered

  • who which The goods which were ordered

    The issues which were discussed

    The points which were raised

    The people who were questioned

    The cards which were issued

    The funds which were allocated

  • :


    the discussed issues/the allocated funds/the ordered goods

  • 3. Adjectives ( )

    The present members

    The members present

    A responsible post/job/position

    He is responsible for regional sales. ( )

  • A concerned person

    The person concerned

    An adopted child ()

    The course of action adopted

    Long, tedious, involved discussion

    A lot of documentation involved

  • The president was late.

    The late president

    He is an outstanding candidate for the post.

    This invoice is still outstanding.

  • The customs officers are particular about the forms required.

    In this particular instance, I think you are wrong.

    A ready answer

    Is the report ready yet? ()

  • He is certain to get the job. ()

    He is certain that he will get the job.

    A certain person is always trying to leave work 20 minutes early. 20 ()

    We have certain reasons for our decisions. (certain = some )