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  • 1.How TeachingChanges the BrainAir Academy High School January 4, 2012 Barbara A. Toney

2. Do you get sick of hearing:

  • Why do I have to learn this and When am I ever going to use this?
  • Coming up:The definitive answer to these questions that will stop them from asking them again.

3. Major concepts Good, bad, short-term or long-term, something is always happening in kids brains. The choices you make as an educator will be a major influence on students- _1_. You can only make ___2___ when you are informed aboutwhichonesmatter the most. 4. Old (outdated) Paradigm Our brains staymostly the same.Except we lose brain cellsevery day. (this is old and mostly wrong) 5. ANew Viewof the Human Brain

  • The human brain is__3__, not fixed. The brain (dependingon your age) is: making __4__ adding __5__ pruning __6__ allowing __7__ changing __8__ re-organizing itself every single day!

6. GuessWhichFactors Actually Change Our Brains? Bad moods Playing an Instrument Distress Daily Walks Learning Diabetes __9__ Gene Expression Trauma Watching TV Nutrition Hands on Science Exercise __10__ Medications Sleep 7.

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9. __11__ Brain Chemistry Neurogenesis Cell Survival/Function __12__ Gene Expression Blood Flow How Teaching & Learning Changes the Brain 10. Teaching ChangesCell Structures (length & volume) Jacobs, et al., 1993 11. Learning Experiences PhysicallyAlter Student Brain Cells 12. Dendrites Add Spines as Response to Environmental Input Majewska, et al. 2006 13.

      • Jacobs, et al. (1993)

14. Teaching ChangesHow Cells Connect 15. Simple toComplex

  • From simple to complex neural networks; thats the process when we develop expert knowledge in a topic

16. Learning Changes Location of Blood Flow in Our Brains Note changes in activation L-R in subjects learning to play a game Haier et al.(1992) 17. Activities and Exercise Change the Brain 18. Standing,a Simple Activity, Increases __13__ 19. Nearlyany kind of activity that boosts circulationalso improves brain functionand cognition Vaynman S,and Gomez-Pinilla (2006) 20. Neurogenesis(the production of brand new brain cells)is

  • Enhanced by: Exercise
  • ComplexEnvironments
  • New Learning
  • ProsocialContact
  • Nutrition Low Stress

Reduced by: __15__ __16__ __17__ __18__ __19__ __20__ P.S. Teachers can influence many of these factors! 21. 22. Time

  • __22__something is taught can be as important as__22__ is taught.

23. 24. Primacy-Recency Effect We remember best what we experiencefirst , and second best what comeslast .BEM 25. Primacy-Recency Effect

  • Prime Time 1
  • Down time
  • Prime Time 2
  • Teach new info when you have students focus.

26. Primacy-Recency Effect

  • New info should be taught in Prime time 1
  • It is important that only correct info be presented at this time.
  • The new material should be followed with practice during down time.

27. Primacy-Recency Effect

  • Closure should take place during prime time 2.
  • This is the second most powerful learning position & an important opportunity to determine sense and meaning.

28. Retention varies with length of teaching episode

  • More retention occurs when lessons are shorter.
  • A block containing 4 twenty minute lessons will be much more productive than one long lesson.

29. Prime Time 1 (First 15 minutes)

  • Mr. X :Today were going to learn the 3 rdcause of the Civil War and its relevance.Before that, let me give back some homework, collect and go over todays homework, collect the notes from Bill and Mary who were absent and get them caught up, take attendance, read announcements

Mr. G:Today we will learn the 3 rdcause of the Civil War and how it relates to current times.And here is the 3 rdcause.. (cause, examples, how it relates to previous..) 30. Down-Time(next 15 minutes)

  • Here is the 3 rdcause

Get into your discussion groups and discuss this 3 rdcause. What are similarities and differences compared to the first two causes 31. Last 15 minutes (Prime Time 2)

  • OK, weve got only 5 minutes to the end of the period.Youve listened well so you can do what you want quietly until the bell rings.

Take 2 minutes to review to yourself what weve learned about the 3 rdcause.Be prepared to share your thoughts with the class in a moment. 32. Website http://www.barbaratoney.comThis site is currently being rebuilt.Click on articles to access over 130 education articles written by me. The new website will have lots more informational material and should be up by the end of January. 33. Additional Workshops

  • Teaching With the Brain in Mind
  • Why Dont They Remember What I Taught Them?
  • Killer Teaching (in depth learning)
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Classroom Management
  • How Poverty Impacts Learning

34. What can I do Tomorrow? 35. The New Understanding of the Role of Teachers Teachers can teach in ways thatmake powerful and positive changes in the brains of their students! Teachers shape brains!