Types of Computer Presented by: Amit Kumar Mishra MBA-(TTM) Center of Tourism Management

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Types of Computer

Presented by:

Amit Kumar Mishra MBA-(TTM)Center of Tourism Management

Definition of Computer

An electronic device which is capable of receiving information in a particular form and of performing a sequence of operation in accordance with a predetermined but variable of procedural instruction to produce a result in the form of information.

Types of computer Super computer Mane frame computer Mini computer Micro computer

Super computer

Super computer - are the most powerful available. These computer are high capacity computer that run continuously and are being used by very big organization mostly big corporation and government institution User of super computer including NASA and us government some big school of company.

Super computer


Main frame computer Main frame computer – are less powerful than super

computer but are capable of great processing speed multitasking capability and and high data storage . They are used by most bank to process information of depositor and million of daily bank transaction. Insurance company use there police holder database these computer have specialized wiring system and usually occupies a big room with temperature control.

Mane frame computer


Mini Computer

Mini computer- It is used by small firm and business . Mini computer are also call is mid-range computer these are small machine and can be accommodated on a disk with not as no processing and data storage capabilities as super computer and mane frame these computer are not design for a single user . Individual department of large companies are organization use mini computer for specific purposes. For example: a production department can use mini computer for monitoring creation production .

Mini Computer


Micro computer

Micro computer – Desktop Computer ,Laptop, Personal Digital Assistance (pda), Tablet and smart phone are all types of computer . The micro computer are widely used and the faster growing computer the micro computer specially designed by general used like entertainment ,eduction and work purpose . Well know manufacture of micro computer are dell, apple,Samsung,Sony etc.

For example - Desktop computer , gaming console ,net book notebook,tablet smart phone etc.

Micro computer