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Ar preterite verbs

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Text of Ar preterite verbs

  • Preterite Tense of regular ar verbs

  • Preterite VerbsPreterite means past tensePreterite verbs deal with a completed past actionThe verb ending tells who did the action.

  • Regular ar verb endingsPresent Tenseoasaamosaisan

    Past Tenseasteamosasteisaron

    Notice the nosotros ending is the same for both tenses.

  • -AR Preterite Endingsyo t astelella ustednosotros amosvosotros asteisellos aronustedesAs with the present tense, drop the ar ending of the infinitive and add the following endings.

  • -AR Preterite EndingsLets conjugate a regular-ar verb.

  • TIRAR--to throwyotir

    ttirastelella tirUd.nos. tiramos

    vos. tirasteis ellosellas tiraronuds.

  • HABLAR--to speakyohabl

    t hablastelella hablud.nos. hablamos

    vos. hablasteis ellosellas hablaronuds.

  • AYUDAR--to helpyoayud

    t ayudastelella ayudud.nos. ayudamos

    vos. ayudasteis ellosellas ayudaronuds.

  • Your TurnI dancedHe sangShe studiedWe spokeThey helpedYou (familiar) bought

    Yo baill cantElla estudiNosotros hablamosEllos ayudaronT compraste

  • More PracticeYou(formal) workedThey paidShe visitedHe lovedWe helpedI usedYou(familiar) sang

    Ud. TrabajEllos pagaronElla visitl amNosotros ayudamosYo usT cantaste

  • -Ar verbs ending in the letters:-car-gar-zar

    Are irregular only in the yo form.

  • If the verb ends in -carOnly in the yo formChange the letter c to qu

    sacar to take outYo saqu I playBuscar to look forYo busqu I look forYo saquT sacasteEl, ella, ud sacNosotros sacamosEllos, uds. sacaronYo busquT buscasteEl, ella, ud buscoNosotros buscamosEllos, uds. buscaron

  • If the verb ends in -garOnly in the yo formChange the letter g to gu

    llegar to arriveYo llegu I arrivePagar to payYo pagu I payYo lleguT llegasteEl, ella, ud llegNosotros llegamosEllos, uds. llegaronYo paguT pagasteEl, ella, ud pagNosotros pagamosEllos, uds. pagaron

  • If the verb ends in -zarOnly in the yo formChange the letter z to c

    empezar to beginYo empec I begincomenzar to beginYo comenc I beginYo empecT empezasteEl, ella, ud empezNosotros empezamosEllos, uds. empezaronYo comencT comenzasteEl, ella, ud comenzNosotros comenzamosEllos, uds. comenzaron

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