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The programme Be Boz Be Art was implemented in Tibet in November and December 2012. Thanks to the Chinese Central Government, which allowed us the opportunity to meet different people, artists and students and come across different situations. The programme was constantly enriched with these encounters. We are looking for a better recognition of tibetan artists while remaining linked to them. You will find here the collected art works throughout our journey.

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  • 1. Be Boz Be Art - Tibet (China)

2. Spirit of BozSpirit of Boz est ne en 2006. Il sagit dune association fonde par Julien Friedlerdans le but de promouvoir lart contemporain, la cration collective autour du Boz.Cette association a un but humaniste et artistique.Elle est nance par la vente des uvres de Julien Friedler, les adhsions et lemcnat. Elle dveloppe un programme intitul Be Boz Be Art fond par JulienFriedler._____The Spirit of Boz association was created in 2006. Julien Friedler founded thisassociation with the aim of promoting contemporary art and collective creationrelated to Boz. This association has a humanistic and artistic purpose.It is funded through the sale of Julien Friedlers art works, by patronage and bymembership fees and patronage. It has developed a programme called Be Boz BeArt, set up by Julien Friedler.1 3. Be Boz Be ArtBe Boz Be Art est un programme complet : artistique, humaniste et philosophique.Il est compos de trois projets : la fort des mes, Give Up, le clochard cleste.Be Boz Be Art est un programme contemplatif. En aucun cas, lassociation neprendra parti pour une cause politique. Il sagit dun mouvement de chercheursdart. Nos interventions permettent de faire natre lexpression artistique l o elleparat manquer.____Be Boz Be Art is a unique and complete program: artistic, humanistic andphilosophical. It consists of three projects: The Forest of Souls, Give Up, and TheCelestial Tramp. These three projects provide included/cover activities such asmeetings, news reports and exhibitions.Be Boz Be Art is a contemplative program. The association will not take party forany political causes. We are only researchers through the medium of art. Ourinterventions can give birth to artistic expression where it appears to be missing.2 4. Be Boz Be Art -TibetLe programme Be Boz Be Art a t dploy au Tibet en novembre et dcembre2012. Grce au Gouvernement Central Chinois, nous avons pu rencontrerdiffrentes personnalits, croiser diffrentes situations, des artistes, des tudiants.Et le programme sest enrichi dune vaste bullition. Nous cherchons aujourdhui faire connatre les artistes tibtains et poursuivre les liens avec eux. Voustrouverez ici les oeuvres recueillies au cours de notre priple._____The programme Be Boz Be Art was implemented in Tibet in November andDecember 2012. Thanks to the Chinese Central Government, which allowed us theopportunity to meet different people, artists and students and come across differentsituations. The programme was constantly enriched with these encounters. We arelooking for a better recognition of tibetan artists while remaining linked to them.You will nd here the collected art works throughout our journey.3 5. La Fort me / Forest of SoulsLa Fort des mes est un projet unique initi (en"TheForestof Souls"is a unique project initiatedin2006) par lartiste plasticien Julien Friedler. Il est 2006 by Julienprvu pour durer 80 ans. Il sagit ici de dcouvrir lesFriedler.It is plannedto last80 years. It aims topenses des uns et des autres, les cultures. Les questions discover each other thoughts and cultures.Thesont invariables, seules les rponses sont diffrentes.questions are always the same,only the answersDessines ou crites, rves ou chantes, ellesaredifferent.Drawn orwritten, dreamed orsung,enchantent luvre venir : la fort des mes.theyenchantthe art work in progress:the forestofNous distribuons le questionnaire qui souhaite souls.participer, sans souci de race, de croyances, dafnits We disseminatethe questionnaires toanyone willing topolitique ou dducation. Les six questions auxquelles participate,without any distinction towardsrace,les participants doivent rpondre ont de quoi vous faith, political belieforeducation.The sixquestionstenir veill. that participantsmust/shallToutes les rponses sont acceptes : crites; dessines, answerencompasssomething to keep youawake.sculptes, chantes, dchires.All answersare accepted: written, drawn, sculpted,Tous les questionnaires sont regroups par 5000. Puissung or torn up.ils sont scells dans des colonnes. Chaque colonne All questionnairesare grouped together in piles ofmatrialise un arbre.5,000 exemplars. They are then sealed within columns.La Fort des mes se concrtisera par une installation Each column represents a tree. The Forestof Soulswillen 2014. be materialised with an installation in 2014.4 6. Li Ning, manager of the Celestial Train 5 7. 6 Interview with this Monk : Lhaba 8. Interview with this pilgrim in Lhasa 7 9. 8 Tseyang Changnopa Vice President Tibet University / Lhasa 10. The Forest of Souls in the Tibet University (Lhasa) 11. 10 Policemen in Lhasa : Lhundrup, Hgelsang Dorjee 12. Kharla Karma Trislay Geleg Mhen Dong Norpu Sithar 11 13. 12 The Forest of Souls in Shigatse High School 14. 13 15. Give Up A chacun de nos dplacements, nous rencontrons des cultures, des quotidiens. Avec les personnes qui le souhaitent nous rcoltons des objets du quotidien (ou tout autre objet donn). Ces objets se dplacent et sont soumis par la suite linterprtation par des artistes ou des non-artistes. Give Up, cest un nouveau regard sur la socit. Les objets parlent, dcrivent un quotidien. Nous oprons des portraits de ceux qui donnent ces objets an de favoriser les rencontres dun bout du monde lautre. During each of ours travels, we meet different cultures and pieces of daily life. With people interested in sharing we collect daily objects (or any offered objects). These objects move and are submitted later to an artistic reinterpretation by artists and non-artists. Give Up is a new perspective about our society. Objects can speak, they tell us about daily life. We produce the portraits of those who give the items. By this way, we encourage meetings from one end of the world to the other.14 16. Tibetan icons for the well-being of women and men 15 17. 16 18. Tibetan Flags for wishes and prayers 17 19. LEverest ou Qomolangma 20. Sand of the Everest / Qomolangma 19 21. 20 22. 21 23. 22 Sherab Sangpzi (Manager of the University Library of Lhasa) Old Tibetan book 24. Tibetan book - artisanal print with wood and ink 23 25. 24 26. 26 Po (tibetan writer) The best seller of Po 27. Kharla Karma Trislay Geleg Original Calligraphy Tashi Dailai designed by Kharla Karma 27 28. Kharla Karma Trislay Geleg / original calligraphy 29. 30 Original Tanghka / Tanka from the Tibet Musuem (Lhasa) 30. Tanka embroidered representing the six symbols of Buddhism 31Tibetan 31. Shared moment with children of primary school in Lhasa 32. How do you imagine your future? 33. 35 34. 36 35. 37 36. 38 37. 39 38. 40 Singing bowl of tibet 39. Tibetan greeting scarf 41 40. 42 41. With Cui Yuying, Vice Minister 42. Merci / Thanks to... Cui Yuying, Xie Ying, Lin Lu (Lulu), He Bin, Jigme Wangtso, Wang Tob, Tseyang Changngopa, Liu Xuan, Hunag Wenjuan, Feng Zhi, Mhen Dong, Norpu Sithar, A Nu, Tashi Zha, Jody Lei, Gamapubu, Dawa, Li Ning, Dao Tselum, Tse Wang Tan Pei, Lhundrup, Hgelsang Dorjee, Lhaba, Lup Sang Doj Jee,Dumpei Tsinen, Benor, Lhapa Dunzhu, Kharla Karma Trislay Geleg Wu Xiaojun, Jin Chunlei,Wang Yidan. Julien Friedler, Jeanne Zeler, Stella Rouskova, Philippe Dequesne. Contact : Sonia Bressler Mail : [email protected] Phone : +33 (0) www.spiritofboz.com44