Becoming a google educator and google education trainer

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  • Guide to becoming a Google Educator and Google Education Trainer

  • What we will cover today: Overview of programs and focus on Google Education Trainer

    o Different Google Certifications o Why become certified? o Overview of Google Education Trainer and Google Educator including

    process Step 1: Passing the exams to become a Google Educator

    o Overview of exams o Tips to pass first time

    Step 2: Completing the application form to become a Google Education Trainer

    o Overview o Case study o Video o Completing the application form

  • Overview of programs and focus on Google Education Trainer

  • Step 1: Passing the exams to become a Google Educator

  • Step 2: Completing the application form to become a Google Education Trainer

  • Different Google EDU-related Certifications:

    Google Educator Google Education Trainer Google Certified Teacher Certified Google Administrator

  • Why become a Google Educator and Google Education Trainer?

    A fantastic certification for your own career development showing your expertise in Google Apps for Education

    Early access to technical training and support materials. A Google badge for your CV, blog, business cards etc Additional visibility in the Apps Marketplace as a Google

    Education expert if you would like to perform training externally at summits and at other schools.

    Shared training resources from the worldwide community of fellow Certified Trainers

  • Program Overview:

    You only need to remember one URL! All information about the program, the complete study guide and the online tests can be found here:

  • Step 1: Become a 'Google Educator' To do this you need to pass all 5 exams, 4 required and

    choose 1 elective. You then become a Google Educator Firstly register here: All the info you need to pass the exams is at After passing the first exam you have 90 days to complete all

    exams Each exam is 90 minutes, 60 questions, pass mark 80% (Don't

    panic this seems high but with the right preparation and exam technique you can pass first time)

  • List of exams:

    To access this list go to this link then click on see courses under Become a Google Educator If you are not sure about which elective exam to take, then take Chrome Browser.

  • Exam tips: Work through each module one by one, read the material for the

    module then take the relevant exam straight away. Set aside max 5 hours for each exam including study time: oReview the material (1 to 3 hours depending on the module) oTake a short break then take the exam (1.5 hours)

    As you take the exam you can mark any questions you are not sure about. Return to these questions at the end if you have time. When you reach the end they will be listed automatically.

    You can take the exams in any order. I strongly recommend to take the Gmail exam first

    If you are not sure which elective exam to take I recommend to take Chrome browser

  • Exam Resources: For the first four required exams the old training material is hidden away. Use the links below to search for answers during the exam. Open each chapter in a separate Chrome tab and have a Google search tab open as well.

    Gmail Calendar Docs & Drive Sites

  • Step 2: Preparing and submitting the final application

    Not far to go now....the hard work is done! Program overview is here Application form is open periodically;

    Here is a copy of the application form

  • Step 2a: Complete the case study and find three references

    Case study template is here I highly recommend the case study training is delivered external to your school

    Some great ideas for topics are listed here Need to provide 3 training references for training

    engagements you have completed (just names and contact details). I highly recommend that they are external to your school

  • Step 2b: Record the demo video For the video just do a screen recording using:

    oFor Mac the easiest way is to use QuickTime (File>New screen recording)

    oWeb based option: Upload to YouTube. I would put it as unlisted and available to anyone

    with the link Start off with a Google Presentation slide on 'full screen' with the title

    of your topic, then toggle to the demo Some example topics: Creating a Google Form, Creating a Google

    Doc and adding comments, Creating a Google Spreadsheet, Using gmail labs

    An example video is here Remember video should be MAX 2 minutes

  • Step 2c: Complete the online application form

    A copy of the application form is here (Review cycles are open twice a year)

    Copy and paste the links to the video and the case study Doc where required

  • Finally.... You have to document 3 training engagements a quarter to

    keep the certification You submit via a form on the Google Education Trainer site

    which you will be given access to

  • Join us for a one day certification preparation bootcamp before a summit ....or host a dedicated one or two day bootcamp at your school.

  • Good Luck! Q&A

    Dan Taylor AppsEvents