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2. HISTORY COLLECTIONPRESENTING CHIEFCOMPLAINTS:Informant says: Muttering to self Irritable Laughing to self Not sleeping wellPatient says: Unable to sleep, becausewhile sleeping he ishearing a sound. 3. The word schizophrenia was coined in 1908by the swiss psychiatrist eugen bleuler. It is derived from the greek wordskhizo(split)and phren(mind).It is a psychotic condition characterized by adisturbance in thinking,emotions,volitions andfaculties in the presence of clearconsciousness,which usually lead to socialwithdrawal 4. CAUSESBiologicaltheoriesBiochemicaltheoriesExcess ofdopamineAbnormalities inneurotransmittersNeurostructuraltheoriesGenetic theoriesPsychodynamic theoriesRegressed idbehaviourOver protectiveanddomineeringparentsDysfunctionalfamilyVulnarabilitystress modelStressful lifeevent 5. TYPES OF SCHIZOPHRENIA:PARANOIDUNDIFFERENTIATEDHEBEPHRENICCATATONICRESIDUALSIMPLE 6. THOUGTDISTURBANCEINCOHERENCESEVERELOOSENING OFASSIOCIATIONEXTREMESOCIALIMPAIRMENTSENCELESSGIGGLING 7. INCREASE IN SPEECHPRODUCTIONLOOSENING OFASSOCIATIONMUTISM , ECHOLALIARIGIDITY , ECHOPRAXIANEGATIVISM ,WAXYFLEXIBILITYPOSTURINGINCREASE INPSYCHOMOTOR ACTIVITYAMBITENDENCYSTUPOR 8. Emotional bluntingEccentric behaviourIllogical thinkingSocial withdrawalLoosening of association 9. PAST EXPERIENCEPrenatal exposure to viral infectionGENETIC INFLUENCEFamily history of schizophrenia Possible birth defectPRECIPITATING EVENTStressful to threaten Already weak ego 10. Defence mechanism used are DENIAL,INDICATION,RELIGIOUSITY, RECURRECTIONSECONDARYUnable to use coping mechanism Weak ego strengthCOGNITIVE APPRAISAL(PRIMARY)Perceived threat to self conceptEXISTING CONDITIONAbnormal brain structure , Epilepsy, 11. Hallucination , delusion, social isolation, violence, autism ,apathy, bizzare , behaviour &inappropriate affectInitial psychotic episode, exacerbation of schizophrenicsymptomsQUALITY OF RESPONSEAdaptiveMaladaptive