Day and night

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This was created to meet the curriculum outcomes in New Brunswick's Grade 6 Science Space unit.

Text of Day and night

  • 1. Sunday, September 7th , 2008 SPACE Day/Night and Seasons

2. Day and Night We have day and night on Earth because of the Earths rotation the earth spinning around and around. (1670 km/hr) 3. The side of the earth facing the sun is in daylight. The other side of the earth experiences night. 4. As the earth rotates, everyone on earth experiences day and night. It takes 24 hours for the Earth to rotate once. 5. Seasons If the Earth was perfectly balanced, as it is in this animation, we wouldnt have different seasons and the sun would always rise and set at the same time every day. 6. Seasons Every part of the Earth would receive an equal amount of sunlight as the earth rotated. 7. But the Earth isnt perfectly balanced, its tilted on its axis 8. and its revolving around the sun. 9. The tilt changes how much sunlight each part of the earth receives. It is this tilt which makes our days longer or shorter and its what causes the seasons. 10. In the summer, were tilted towards the sun. Our days are longer and we receive more direct sunlight (which makes it hot). 11. In winter, were tilted away from the sun. Our days are shorter and we receive less direct sunlight (which makes it cold) 12. Animation Video Seasons Game 13. Time and movement of earth and moon around sun Animation