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  1. 1. Da de Muertos
    By: Christine ChiangSpanish Senora Moen27 de Septiembre 2010-6858001113790(Day of the Dead)Da de Muertos
    Da de Muertos es una fiesta muy importante y famoso. En Mxico la gente celebra este festival el primero y el dos de noviembre. Los Mexicanos piensan que el Da de Muertos es muy importante porque ellos creen que los humanos pueden charlar con la gente muerta este da. El pan de los muertos y calaveras de azcar son las comidas mas comunes que se vende durante el Da de Muertos.

    Day of the Dead
    Day of the Dead, known as Da de los Muertos is a festival that Mexicans have to celebrate and welcome back their family members that has passed away. The Day of the Dead is different from Halloween although there are a few similarities. Mexicans believe the Day of the Dead is the only time that communication can happen between the living and the dead. This is a two-day celebration that happens on November 1st and 2nd of every year. People have been practicing this festival for at least 3,000 years. For the Mexicans the Day of the Dead is not a sad and scary day, instead it is a happy, and funny day, for which they prepare things in special ways for the dead relatives such as, special yummy food, decoration with flowers, and dress up with scary types of customs.
    The food that people prepare for the Day of Dead is very different from the food they normally eat. Sweets is the taste they focus more on making the special food to celebrate for example, sugar skulls, and chocolates. Sugar skulls are a very traditional food in Mexico; it is almost impassible to buy it in other countries. The sugar skull is mainly made from different colours of sugar in a shape of skull, and skeleton. There are many colourful patterns of decorations on the sugar Sugar skulls decorated with colourful patterns.skull. There are also many sugar skulls made to look like its doing an activity, such as skeletons going to school, getting a haircut, or getting married. Families cook and make their special foods like tamales and chicken mole with chocolate galore for decorations, which make their homes fill with chocolate smells. Furthermore the bread of the dead, know as, pan de los muertos is also a very important part in the foods for the day of the death. Children will buy a lot of the bread of the dead and the sugar skulls and give it to each other as little gifts.
    This is a photo showing how the Mexicans decorate the grave using flowers and candles, also, there are fruits that are brought for the dead person.During the Day of the Dead family members get together to clean and decorate their relatives graves, buy toys for children, and tell jokes. People will light up candles and put it around the grave to help to guide the spirit of the dead family to find their way back to celebrate with them. They also use a lot of real flowers for decoration around the grave. People bring fresh fruits with them to the grave to give their dead family members and but it in front of the grave, as well as some food that dead relatives loved to eat while he/she was alive. Mexican makes up a lot of skeleton, or dead related jokes to tell others on this day.
    The Day of the Dead is a happy day for Mexicans, because this is the day that they can remember their dead family members and celebrate with them. There are a lot of yummy food made for this day, and beautiful decorations on the graves.
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