Digital Marketing This Week - September 6, 2014

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Were opening Digital Marketing This Week for the month of September with a great discussion on copywritingspecifically on how you can write great sales copy. Weve managed to simplify the process of copywriting into a 7-step checklist that we believe every good copywriter follows.


  • 1. Episode 13: September 6th, 2014

2. Who Am I?Chris Mercer Content Developer Optimization Expert Host of DMTW Call me Mercer 3. This Weeks Focus Topic 4. Have A Question? 5. How To WriteGreat Sales Copy(The 7 Step Checklist Every GoodCopywriter Follows And The One ThingThey Know Never, EVER To Do) 6. #1: One Page, One Purpose A clear call-to-action Decisions create friction &distraction Everything supports thissingular action 7. #2: Learn TheirLanguage People buy from those they like Jargon builds rapport Use Amazon Reviews 8. #3: One On One Write for ONE person The better you know them, themore effective your copy will be 9. #4: Create Objections Objections are opportunities Bring them up FIRST Another rapport buildingopportunity 10. #5: Clear, CredibleMotivation Scarcity Social Proof (Reviews) Urgency Reciprocity 11. #6: Scanners Stack Write the bones Headline Then Subheadlines Then Bulletpoints Then fill in the details with astory involving the reader 12. #7: Follow A Formula Attention, Interest, Desire,Action Picture, Promise, Prove,Push Star, Chain, Hook What It Is, What It Does,What To Do 13. Avoid:Weing All Over Yourself Replace we or I with youand your WIIFM Keep it benefit driven Action oriented, value driventerms 24 hour scour & scrub 14. Meet Benny HTTPS & Ranking Authorship What Now? 15. Join DMTW Insiders: 16. How To Ask A Question... 17. Join DMTW Insiders: 18. Are You A DMTW Insider?Insiders get expanded accessto the Q&A portion ofDigital Marketing This Week.Visit & join free!