Direct - Indirect Speech + Exercise
Direct - Indirect Speech + Exercise
Direct - Indirect Speech + Exercise
Direct - Indirect Speech + Exercise

Direct - Indirect Speech + Exercise

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  • Direct Speech & Indirect Speech (Reported Speech) Tense Indirect Speech Direct Speech Indirect Speech Present simple Tense Past simple Tense Present continuous Tense Past continuous Tense Past simple Tense Past perfect Tense Past Continuous Tense Past Perfect Continuous Tense Present perfect Tense Past perfect Tense Future simple Tense (will) Future in past forms Tense (would) Can Could May Might Shall Should Must Had to Indirect Speech Direct Speech Indirect Speech ago before, earlier a year/month ago a year/month before, the previous year/month last (night/week/moth/year) thebefore, the previous next (night/week/moth/year) the following, theafter now then, at that time the day before yesterday two days before the day after tomorrow Later in two days time, two days late today that day tomorrow the following day, the next day tonight that night yesterday the day before, the previous day Indirect Speech Direct Speech Indirect Speech here there these those this that Requests, Commands, Suggestions 1. told ordered 2. please asked begged 3. told warned 4. told, advised suggested 5. Lets suggested, urged
  • Complete the following sentences using the reporting verbs below. Asked ordered warned suggested 1. Dont eat too much fast food. The brother not to eat too much fast food. 2. Wait here till I return. The policeman...the robber to wait there till he returned. 3. Lets go bowling. My to go bowling. 4. Please dont make a loud noise. My baby is sleeping. Mrs. Kelly....the children not to make a loud noise because her baby was sleeping. 5. Dont forget to take the umbrella. Its raining outside. Aunt Mary......her niece not to forget to take the umbrella because its raining outside. 6. Do not get up late, my child. You have to go to school before seven in the morning. Mother....her child not to get up late because he had to go to school before seven in the morning. 1. Tense ask / asked () order / ordered () advise / advised () propose / proposed () beg / begged (, ) request / requested () command / commanded () tell / told () forbid / forbade () warn / warned () 2. to + V.1 / / not to + V.1 / / 3. Direct Speech Indirect Speech 4. please Direct Speech to not to Indirect Commands & Requests 1. Please sit down. The host asked the guest.sit down. 2. Dont sit here. The man told mesit there. 3. Stand up and answer my question The teacher ordered me...stand up and answer her question. 4. Please dont smoke a cigarette. The old lady asked the mansmoke a cigarette. Report the following commands and requests using the reporting verbs : warned asked advised told suggested 1. Use red color for the heart. Mother suggested her son to use red color for the heart 2. Call me back, Toto. Nong Bamboo...Toto..him back. 3. Please dont wake me up, Mom. Pinky...her mother...her up 4. Lets walk along the road. Mrs. Martha.her daughter..along the road. 5. Be a good girl. Grandfather..his niece.a good girl. 1. Come and see me. Mr. Paul ordered the boy to go and see.. 2. Please fasten your belt. Tom asked his girlfriend to fasten.belt
  • (Nearness to distance) 1. Dont be late tomorrow. The director ordered the students not to be late.. 2. Please dont leave me alone tonight. Nancy asked her parents not to leave her alone 3. Hand in your project within next week. The teacher ordered me to hand in my project within Kate is having a birthday party. Report what her mother said to her. 1. Dont make a loud noise. 2. Turn the music down. 3. Dont drink alcohol. 4. Keep the room clean. 5. Your friends have to leave by 9.30 p.m. Kate : I wont have my birthday party at home. Louis : Why not? Kate : My mother ordered me not to make a loud noise. Clair : We can listen to music. Kate : She told me.. Peter : Thats OK. Its not a serious problem. Kate : But she also ordered us... Smith : Thats all right. Well drink coca cola instead. Kate : And after the party she wanted us. Paul : I dont think its our problem. Kate : Urrr. She said that all of you.. Kates friends : I agree with you, dear. Statement Indirect Speech 4 1. Tense 2. Personal pronoun 3. Nearness Distance 4. Reporting Verb () says say that , said said that say to tell , said to told 1) Emily: "Our teacher will go to Leipzig tomorrow." Emily said that 2) Helen: "I was writing a letter yesterday." Helen told me that 3) Robert: "My father flew to Dallas last year." Robert told me that 4) Lisa: "Tim went to the stadium an hour ago." Lisa said that 5) Patricia: "My mother will celebrate her birthday next weekend." Patricia said that 6) Michael: "I am going to read a book this week." Michael said to me that
  • 7) Jason and Victoria: "We will do our best in the exams tomorrow." Jason and Victoria told me that 8) Andrew: "We didn't eat fish two days ago." Andrew remarked that 9) Alice: "I spent all my pocket money on Monday." Alice complained that 10) David: "John had already gone at six." David said that Questions 1. (Yes/No Questions) 1.) Ask / asked () Want to know / Wanted to know () Inquire / inquired () Wonder / Wondered () 2.) if, whether, whether or not whetheror not 3.) ? Direct: He asked, Can I borrow your pen? Indirect : He asked if he could borrow my pen. Direct: She said to the customer, Can I have your name, please? Indirect: She inquired the customer whether or not she could have his name. Direct: He said to me, Do you have children? Indirect: He wanted to know whether I had children or not. Direct: He said, Is it delicious? Indirect: He wondered if it was delicious. My mother says, "Does John love English?" = She asked me if John loved English. My mother says, "Does Jim like Chinese food?" ........................................................ He asked, "Can we leave now?" ............................................................ 2. Question Words (Wh- Questions) 1.) Indirect Question (Yes/No Questions) 2.) Question words Who, Whom, What, Which, When, Why, Where How 3.) ? - Direct: He said to me, Where are the apples? Indirect: He asked me where the apples were. - Direct: He asked, Where are you going? Indirect: He asked where I was going. - Direct: She said to him, How did you make it? Indirect: She asked him how he had done it. He said, "When will Jim go to Malaysia?" ..................................................................... She said, "Who can speak Malay?" ................................................................... He said to me, "What are you doing.?" ...................................................................