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Erasmus 2016D.E.A.R

Environment: TV Commercial

Ice BreakerYou now need to prepare a one minute recap pitch for your product and business concept that you planned last lesson.This will be delivered to the rest of the class.

Success!The Dragons loved your idea and want you to take it into production.

Advertisement is a really important part of promoting your brand, so

TV Commercial Task

You are now going to create a 30 second to 1 minute TV advert for your product.

You can make this using, video cameras, iPads or even your mobile phone.

Your advert is the main way of selling your product to the customer. So, here are some tips to give you a hand.

5 tips for creating a great TV Commercial:1. Represent your brand clearly. Using both verbal and visual cues, your brands name, logo and perhaps even the product itself should be conveyed throughout the commercial. 2. Create a storyline. The best commercials dont just sell a product or service; they tell a story. Whether it is a heartfelt story, or a dose of humour or satire, create a storyline to which your audience can relate and connect.3. Develop a signature character or theme.4. Keep it simple. You only have 30 to 60 seconds to get your message across and form a connection with your audience. Keep the overall concept and storyline of your commercial simple.5. Be Creative!

Hint: Remember to think about how you can incorporate Art and English into your TV commercial.