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1. FIRST GRADE D, E, F 2015 2. clouds - sun 3. a tree - a road 4. an apple tree - a church 5. a fence - mountains 6. cows - a house 7. There is ( singular ) Hay There are (plural ) Hay 8. Affirmative form: There is ( singular ) There are (plural ) There is a board. There is an apple. There are some computers. There are some boys and some girls 9. There isnt a dog There isnt an eraser. There arent any animals. There arent any televisors 10. Is there a board in the classroom ? Yes, there is. Is there a dog in the classroom ? No, there isnt Are there any computers ? Yes, there are . Are there any dictionaries ? No, there arent. 11. Are there any pictures ? Is there a blackboard? Are there any balls ? Are there any chairs ? Is there a teacher ? Is there a swimming pool? Are there any windows ? Is there a door ? 12. ANSWER: Is there a house ? Is there a church ? Are there any trees ? Are there any cows? Is there a sun ? Are there any mountains? Is there a road ? Is there a fence ? 13. Describe the picture