Expressions (mathematical)

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  • 1. EXPRESSIONS (MATHEMATICAL)Algebraic Expressions & Numerical Expressions

2. NUMERICAL EXPRESSIONS What's that? Its a when we find a: Operation Up to the real numbers R (Probable) Potencies (Probable) Square roots (Probable) Parenthesis, brackets, keys (Probable) Absolute value 3. EXAMPLES 4. SOLVING THE EXPRESSIONS 5. PEMDAS Whats PEMDAS?! Over here we see that parenthesis, brackets and keys are ALWAYS FIRST, no matter what. Exponents (Potency & roots) is 2 nd . Division and multiplication are the same qualification, so they are both 3 rd . Addition and subtraction are also the same qualification on, so they are both 4 th . 6. USING PEMDAS 7. ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS Whats the dif ference between numerical expressions and algebraic expressions? Numerical expressions are always with numbers, and algebraic expressions are always with variables; but some contain coef ficient of the variable. 8. EXAMPLES OF ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS 9. TERMS 10. LITERAL PART & COEFFICIENT 11. SIMPLIFYING ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS 12. CREDITS Made by: Thenader2 If you have any questions put it in the questions, and I'll answer it.The end!