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  • 1.Webinar: Best practices for sampling and testing of mycotoxins Discover 5 reasons why you should be testing for mycotoxins and avoid unnecessary risks. Compare the merits of different testing methods. Learn the most recommended sampling practices.2012 Waters Corporation1

2. Descriptionp This webinar will : explain why it is important to your business to test for mycotoxins describe the advantages and disadvantages of different testing methods and what to look for when choosing a method convince you that businesses of all sizes can protect themselves from mycotoxin risks and meet customer demand for uncontaminated products2012 Waters Corporation 2 3. What are Mycotoxins?y Mykes: Greek for fungus/mold Toxicum: Latin for poison/toxin Mycotoxins are chemicals produced b moldsh l d d byld Molds can grow on plants both before harvest and during storage Different molds can produce d ffffld ddifferent mycotoxins Different mycotoxins have different toxicity profiles Regulations for mycotoxins vary (species, country, commodity)2012 Waters Corporation3 4. Why is Testing for Mycotoxins Important? ygy p Conformance to regulations Quality, Productivity, Animal Health:Customer Specifications Brand protection2012 Waters Corporation4 5. Most Common Mycotoxins regulated inHuman Foods and Feed WorldwideMycotoxinHuman FeeddTotal Aflatoxin 76 49Aflatoxin B161 48Aflatoxin M160 0Patulin 48 0Ochratoxin A37 36Deoxynivalenol37 36Zearalenone 17 35Fumonisin6 29 Human: FOA Food and Nutrition Paper #81, 2003 Feed: F d, 2012 K t i /l tiht2012 Waters Corporation5 6. US Aflatoxin Regulations Food g Commodity CdAction Level ( b)l (ppb)Reference f Foods 20 CPG 555.400 Milk 0.5 (aflatoxin M1)CPG 527.400 Peanuts and Peanut products 20 CPG 570.375 Pistachio nuts20 CPG 570.500 nceDocuments/ChemicalContaminantsandPesticides/ucm077969.htm#afla2012 Waters Corporation 6 7. US Aflatoxin Regulations for Feed gClass of Animals Feed Aflatoxin Level300 ppbFinishing b f cattleFi i hi beef ttl Corn and peanut products Cdtd tBeef cattle, swine or poultryCottonseed meal300 ppbFinishing swine over 100 lb. Corn and peanut products 200 ppbBreeding cattle, breedingCorn and peanut products100 ppbswine and mature poultry Animal feeds and ingredients,Immature animals20 ppb excluding cottonseed mealDairy animals, animals not listed Animal feeds and ingredients 20 ppbabove, or unknown useSource: Waters Corporation7 8. Aflatoxin Requirements in the EC Maximum content in mg/kg (ppm) relative to aAflatoxin B1 feedingstuff with a moisture content of 12%All feed materials 0.02Complete feedingstuffs for cattle, sheep and goats 0.02with the exception of:- complete feedingstuffs for dairy animals 0.005- complete feedingstuffs for calves and lambs0.01Complete feedingstuffs for pigs and poultry (except 0.02young animals)Other complete feedingstuffs 0.01Complementary feedingstuffs for cattle, sheep andgoats (except complementary feedingstuffs for dairy0.02animals, calves and lambs)Complementary feedingstuffs for pigs and poultry 0.02(except young animals)Other complementary feedingstuffs0.005Source: Waters Corporation8 9. Regulatory Requirements in the ECgy q Aflatoxin B1: Commission Directive 2003/100/EC of 31 October 2003amending Directive (EC) No 2002/32/EC of the EuropeanParliament and of the Council on undesirable substances in animalfeed DON, zearalenone, ochratoxin, T-2, HT-2 and fumonisins Commission Recommendation of 17 August 2006on the presence of dexynivalenol, zearalenone, ochratoxin A, T-2and HT-2 and fumonisins in products intended for animal feeding( 006/5 6/ C)(2006/576/EC)2012 Waters Corporation9 10. Worldwide requirements: Japanq p JapanCompound feeds for cattle (except calves,dairy cows), pigs (except piglets), chickenAflatoxin B1 20(except young chicken broilers) quails chicken,Compound feeds for calves, dairy cows, piglets, Aflatoxin B1 10young chicken and broilers Zearalenone1000Compound feeds DON1000Compound feeds for cows with an age over 3 DON4000monthsComplete feed for beef cow (excluding calves),swine (excluding piglet), poultry (excluding Aflatoxin B1 20chicks and quail) hi kd il)Complete feed for calves, dairy cows, piglets, Aflatoxin B1 200chicks and broiler startersFeed for all livestock Zearalenone20Feed for all livestock (excluding calves DON200

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