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  • 1.Table of Contents Certification i Table of Contents 1 Acknowledgement.. 2-3 Teachers Prayer. 4 History, vision, mission, objective. 5-10 Daily Experiences .. 11-15 Test Examples 16-17 Daily Time Record. 18 Pictorials/Documentation... 19 Simple Notes of Students... 20 Reflection 21 Field Study Portfolio 1 | P a g e

2. Acknowledgement WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE FOLLOWING: First and above all GOD ALMIGHTY The school that I have observed for 51 hours FORT BONIFACIO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL She never says no to my group, she gave us space for learning, MRS. DELIA A. SERRANO PRINCIPAL She patiently entertained my group on our first day, MRS. LUZVIMINDA R. JIMENEZ GUIDANCE AND COUNSELOR To my highly spirited mentors who gave me knowledge to be remembered And experiences to be unforgotten, RESOURCE TEACHERS in GRADE II MA.ROSELLE P. CAMBRONERO Grade leader CELIA C. LUCES RESTITUTA B. ESGUERRA ARCELI S. MORALES MIRIAM G. LAUIGAN RESOURCE TEACHER in GRADE III JOCELYN B. SUAREZ Grade leader Field Study Portfolio 2 | P a g e 3. JENNIFER H. BERTOS CERNIL P. NOTO HERMICHELLE I. DIAZ ROWENA D. NERONA RESOURCE TEACHER in GRADE IV MARIBEL E. MALAN Grade leader MA. DALIA T. CLARION JENNY LYN L. FERRER BABETTE L. CELETARIA ELLEN A. BILLONES AMELITA B. DELA PENA LINDA R. JASMIN JESSIE F. QUISORA To my Field Study Professor who imparted a big part of me on how to become a TEACHER, and what is real life of a TEACHER, Prof. Rosalina T. Nacino My GROUPMATES who helped and supported me in times of my hardships, My ever loving FAMILY who motivates and encourages me in my day to day life. Teachers Prayer Field Study Portfolio 3 | P a g e 4. God grant me wisdom, creativity and love. With wisdom, I may look to the future And see the effect that my teaching will Have on these children and thus adapt my Methods to fit the needs of each one. With creativity, I can prepare new and interesting Projects that can challenge my students and expand Their minds to set higher goals and dream loftier dreams. With love, I can praise my students for jobs well done And encourage them to get up and go when they fall. Fort Bonifacio Elementary School J.P. Rizal Ext. West Rembo Field Study Portfolio 4 | P a g e 5. A BRIEF HISTORY OF FORT BONIFACIO ELEMETARY SCHOOL Fort Bonifacio, the former William McKinley, present site of the Philippine Army Headquarters is a sprawling 2,578 hectare military reservation, bounded by Guadalupe, Makati, Pateros and Taguig. Acquired by purchase in 1990 by Mayor E.S Volunteers, it was first named after the 25th President of the United States William McKinley. On July 1, 1964, Fort William McKinley was made the permanent headquarters of the Philippine Army. In February 13, 1964, by virtue of General Order No. 132, AFP Fort William McKinley was renamed after the Great Plebian of the revolution Andres Bonifacio. The officers and men of the Philippine Army requested the Department of Education thru channels to start an elementary school inside the camp to cater to the needs of military children and dependents. Fort William McKinley Elementary School was established in November, 1949 according to Mrs. Ellen Solidium, one of the pioneer teachers of the school classes were held in Quonset quarters left by the American soldiers. The school site was where the NAPOLCOM stands today. There was no summer vacation during the school year in order to make up for the delayed opening of the classes. During the school year of 1955-1956, the school was transferred to the site along the national road in Barangay West Rembo with the land area of 24, 239 square meters. ArmyType school buildings were built by the Philippine Army to accommodate the growing population of the school. Later on, these Army-Type buildings were demolished and replaced by Marcos-Type and Bagong Lipunan two-storey buildings. A two storey Cario-type building was also constructed and completed in 1991. In 1992, a four-storey building DEKADAS 90 was constructed. Today, the complete and imposing building stands tall and proud, one of the landmarks in the City of Makati. It is one of the best elementary schools in the city in terms of structure, facilities, equipment and personnel. Field Study Portfolio 5 | P a g e 6. The school has the rare privilege of being managed by the following qualified and effective school heads. A. Name of Administrators School Year 1. Mr. Cecilio Maglaque 1949-1950 2. Mr. Macario Viray 1950-1954 3. Mrs. Encarnacion Perez 1954-1957 4. Ms. Asuncion L. Suarez 1957-1962 5. Mrs. Mercedez R. Geronimo 1962-1968 6. Ms. Josefina D. Benito 1968-1970 7. Ms. Cecilia F. Antonio 1970-1975 8. Mr. Virgilio Inciong 1975-1976 9. Mrs. Dioscora L. Basada 1976-1979 10. Mrs. Purita R. Acosta 1979-1987 11. Mrs. Josefa D. Reyes 1987-1988 12. Mrs. Lolita B. Espanol 1988-1990 13. Dr. Nora M. Uy 1990-1995 14. Dr. Norma C. Bustos 1995-2001 15. Dr. Gloria C. Domingo 2001-2002 16. Dr. Leticia L. Rosales 2002-2008 17. Mrs. Delia A. Serrano 2008-Present Field Study Portfolio 6 | P a g e 7. B. Data on Enrolment and Teachers for 10 years School Year Enrolment No. of Teachers 2000-2001 3313 83 2001-2002 3340 81 2002-2003 3507 86 2004-2004 3496 89 2004-2005 3476 90 2005-2006 3545 92 2006-2007 3595 91 2007-2008 3580 91 2008-2009 3616 95 2009-2010 3626 94 C. School site/physical facilities 1. Status of school site: surveyed but no title yet (Philippine Army Reservation) 2. Area of school site: 3,592 sq. m. 3. Dekada 90 building: 4-storey building completed on Nov. 8, 1993 Field Study Portfolio 7 | P a g e 8. 4. Academic classrooms 39 standards classrooms 3 smaller rooms Pre-school 5. Special Rooms: No. of Rooms Principals office 1 Audio visual Room 1 Home economics 1 Speech Laboratory 1 Canteen 1 Guidance Center 1 EMIS Center 1 Clinic 1 NDEP Drop-in-center 1 Science Center 1 Library 1 Computer Room 1 Faculty Room 1 Industrial Arts 1 Field Study Portfolio 8 | P a g e 9. Journalism Room 1 Stock Room 1 Makabayan Center 1 TOILETS Girls Bowls 24 Boys Bowls 18 Boys Urinals 5 Aside from the numerous trophies and plaques of recognition received for well-deserved accomplishments in the field of academics, athletics and cultural activities, Fort Bonifacio Elementary Schools is very happy and proud to name the most outstanding awards for the past few years. 1. First Place Most Outstanding Science Center NCR Level SY 1996-1997 2. Clean and Green - Third Place CY 1996 - First Place CY 1997 - Second Place CY 1998 - First Place CY 1999 - Second Place CY 2000 Field Study Portfolio 9 | P a g e 10. - Third Place CY 2004 3. First Place - Bet Implement of the Integrated Health and Nutrition Program SY 1998-1999-NCR Level 4. First Place - Most Outstanding Implementor-National Drug Education Program (NDEP) NCR Level This is the story of a school it humble beginnings. The present principal is Mrs. Delia A. Serrano dynamic and energetic administrator, who has always, the welfare of the pupils, the teachers, support personnel and other stakeholders at hearth. The 94 strong teachers and support personnel work hand with her to maintain the standard and prestige the school has attained for the last 50 years. Long Live Fort Bonifacio Elementary School!!! We are proud of you! Vision Field Study Portfolio 10 | P a g e 11. We in Fort Bonifacio Elementary School, a Child Friendly School, envisions its learners to e intellectually equipped, morally upright, physically fit, technologically competent, adaptable and discipline, concerned in preserving and promoting ecological balance, in response to the aspiration of its school and unchanging society. Mission Driven by this mission, we commit ourselves to fulfill the following: - Provide quality basic education focused on the progressive development of our pupil academic excellence; - Create a learning environment that will ensure that will ensure intellectual, moral, social, technological and physical growth of pupil which cater to individual differences; - Upgrade and enhance teachers competencies; - Provide adequate curriculum and physical resources including modern, technology and its maximized utilization; - Promote health and nutrition programs; - Establish and maintain linkages with school stakeholders to support and sustain various school programs; - Guided by the divine providence, help and support of our stakeholders, we resolve to devote all out talents, effort and capabilities to achieve our mission. Field Study Portfolio 11 | P a g e 12. My Daily Experiences Field Study 4 November 26, 2012(Monday) Submitted letter of request to Mrs. Delia A. Serrano, Fort Bonifacio Elementary School principal. Approved Letter Of request Designated to Different grade level Reported to Mrs. Malan(Grade leader) Assigned to Mrs. Linda Jasmin and Amelita Dela Pea(Resource Teacher) Day 1: November 28, 2012(Wednesday) This is the first day of my observation in Fort Bonifacio Elementary School. Research on the school Mission, Vision and Objectives(Principal and Guidance) Day 2: November 30, 2012(Friday) My resource teacher maam Linda R. Jasmin introduced me to the class of IV-Ruby that I would be observing their class. I am glad that my resource teachers were very accommodating and approachable. Day 3: December 03, 2012(Monday) I was assigned to took charged the class because the teacher s had an emergency meeting I asked the class to write about their past lesson in Makabayan. In Edukasyong Pagpapahalaga (EPP), the pupils had their lesson and I asked the three (3) pupils from Section 7 to write about their past lesson because they had no teachers to cater. Day 4: December 05, 2012(Wednesday) The teacher had a meeting and I was asked to take charge the class. I gave them an activity to write about their Ambition to lessen their noisiness and rooming around. In the next subject which was Mathematics, the teacher taught about mixed number. Field Study Portfolio 12 | P a g e 13. Day 5: December 07, 2012(Friday) Class review Day 6: December