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  1. 1. Stephen Reid @ImmersiveMind
  2. 2. Play - Create Learn Using Games as a Tool for Learning and Teaching
  3. 3. 56% of parents say video games positively affect their children 74%of K-8 teachers use digital games in the classroom Sources: Fortune, The ESA Industry Facts, NPD/GMD US, Level Up Learning, Reality is Broken, Geekwire, Forbes Why Games?
  4. 4. Why Not? I failed better this time, can I try again Sir? Resilience Its only taken me three days, two more and Ill be almost ready to present it Patience You just have to understand the rules, and then if you stick to the rules, its easy Respect If you build one side, Ill build the other and well meet at the gates and do those together Teamwork I realised it wasnt symmetrical, so I added two more columns on the left Self Assessment I think they were made from wood and stone, so I used Oak and Cobblestone Decision Making Ive not yet worked out the right way to do this, but I have another an idea Problem Solving Id hate to be stuck there, they must be scared Empathy
  5. 5. Immersive Learning In Immersive Worlds
  6. 6. Stephen Reid @ImmersiveMind Little Big Planet From Dust Valiant Hearts Elegy of a Dead World Riven Type:Rider Age of Empires Ark Universe Sandbox Journey Papo And Yo The Plan Minecraft

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