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Happy holidays

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  1. 1. Happy HolidaySeason Auto to advance
  2. 2. We travel together
  3. 3. every day in the web
  4. 4. and even if our PC is only a cold electronic machine, PC
  5. 5. it is our communication link with the world
  6. 6. enriching our knowledge just for the pleasure of sharing:
  7. 7. a sweet melody
  8. 8. the latest discoveries and novelties
  9. 9. a love of nature
  10. 10. customs, traditions, beliefs and values of people in foreign countries
  11. 11. understanding for our small and big problems, sometimes finding an unexpected answer in a PPS as if the author may have known how to strike the right chord at the right moment
  12. 12. Theres more: simple everyday habits, mixed feelings, the changing of seasons,
  13. 13. extraordinary events and commonplace episodes, experiences that are common to us all.
  14. 14. We have thus come to realize that everywhere in the world people live and suffer and enjoy things exactly as we do.
  15. 15. So, comforted by a common feeling of fellowship,
  16. 16. we wish you happyness at home, the closeness of friends and peace in your hearts,
  17. 17. wherever you are,
  18. 18. entering the spirit of Christmas
  19. 19. or looking up to the bright Star of Hope that will light our way,
  20. 20. or singing along with the human choir which makes us feel closer to each other.
  21. 21. Looking forward to establish strong tieseven if we are so far away ,
  22. 22. creating a world embrace to exchange strength, courage and hope for the years to come
  23. 23. walking together through the web,so none of us may feel alone again.
  24. 24. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! !

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