Harlem School of the Arts: "The New Harlem Renassiance"

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Text of Harlem School of the Arts: "The New Harlem Renassiance"

  1. 1. final presentation
  2. 2. HSA We envision a world where every child in NYC has access to world-class training in the arts in an environment that emphasizes rigorous training, stimulates creativity, builds self-confidence, and adds a dimension of beauty to their lives, empowering them to become the creative thinkers and innovative leaders of tomorrow. A FUTURE IN THE ARTS BEGINS HERE
  3. 3. HSA Kids have a lot of dreams and this is a place for dreams, and I think this is the genius of Dorothy Maynor, its her answer to what happens to a dream deferred - Ephraim Emmanuel, Chairman of Parents Association of HSA 2010. I did not grow up rich, and the school gave me a chance to get to study with very serious artists - Cherrye Davis, Theater Department Teacher & HSA Alumni It lets me be free and express who I am - Leonay, 5th grade HSA Student
  4. 4. SWOT analysis threatsopportunities strengths weaknesses - Decline of arts education in schools - Benefits of arts education - Rejuvenation of Harlem - Multidisciplinary - Rich history, 50 years - Notable faculty - Competitive programs - Funding / financial reputation - Digital presence - In-between categories - State of economy - Emphasis on sports culture - Location reputation
  5. 5. competitors multiple disciplines single discipline recreational pre-professional
  6. 6. the ask: As is approaches its 50th year anniversary, HSA must increase brand awareness driving people to sign up for classes, attend the celebration, and begin to consider HSA as a prestigious contender amongst New York art institutions.
  7. 7. background: benefits of arts education Imagination and critical thinking development Low income students 2x as likely to graduate college 96% agree arts belongs to everyone, not just the privileged 76% dont know how to get involved
  8. 8. background: arts in public schools declining First subjects to suffer from tight budget 95% of superintendents cite importance of arts for creativity BUT -- only 4-7% of high schools require arts classes
  9. 9. dilemma: arts educationis unquestionably valuable for children schools continue to cut arts programs to keep up with testing regulations
  10. 10. background: The Harlem Renaissance From music to literature, Harlem was a hotbed of cultural exchange during the Harlem Renaissance Artists such as Duke Ellington, Aaron Douglas, Bessie Smith, Bill Robinson and many others created a community that championed change through artistic expression.
  11. 11. background: Harlems changing demographics As of 2008, only 4 of 10 Harlem residents were Black Harlem is gaining recognition as valuable NYC real estate Unfortunately for Harlem, the process of progress appears to be stomping out a long history of rich culture and community - Sharon Obialo, writer
  12. 12. dilemma: The Harlem Renaissance established a culture of art and creation in NYC Harlem residents fear losing their neighborhood's rich history as demographics shift
  13. 13. the insight: The arts are intrinsic to the essence of Harlem.
  14. 14. The New Harlem Renaissance
  15. 15. the target: psychographic Ethnically diverse group of spirited adults concentrated in and around New York City that shares a deep appreciation for arts
  16. 16. the target: demographic Urban Median Household Income: $44,000 Income Producing Assets: Low Age Range: 35 55 Homeownership: Renters Employment levels: Mix of blue collar and white collar workers Education: Some College Ethnic Diversity: White, Black, Hispanic, Mix
  17. 17. the inspiration: Aaron Douglas The Creation 1935Aaron Douglas Aspiration 1936
  18. 18. launch event:
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  20. 20. crowd-sourced: community mural takeover
  21. 21. crowd-sourced: office mural takeover
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  30. 30. Pandora/radio: photo filter app Hi music lovers! Inspiration starts young! At Harlem School of the Arts, we use the values of Harlems artistic roots to nurture creativity in kids of all ages. To learn more about HSA and to sign up for classes, visit hsanyc.org.
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