Hdi Customer Service Week 2009 Save The Customer, Save The World

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Save the Customer, Save the World

Text of Hdi Customer Service Week 2009 Save The Customer, Save The World

  • 1. Customer (ks't-mr) noun - a person Who purchases goods or services from another Origin: 140050; late Middle English. The word historically derives from custom, meaning "habit"
  • 2. 35% of all e-mail inquiries to companies get no response within 7 days 25% get no response at all 96% of dissatisfied customers dont complainthey just stop buying.
  • 3. 54 -70% will stay loyal if their complaint is resolved. 95% will stay loyal ifthe complaint was resolved quickly. On average a satisfied customer tells three people about a good product experience. The average dissatisfied customer gripes to 11 people *Data from Forrester
  • 4. Ordinary people who can solve extraordinary issues Tough Technical Issues Problem Customers Arcane Processes
  • 5. Matt Parkman Power to Read Minds
  • 6. Truism #2 Its About Relationships
  • 7. Site Visits Open Houses Call Them Ticket Follow Ups Surveys (Rich Hand) Focus Group Be Approachable
  • 8. Technology Processes People Empowerment Training
  • 9. Customer Service is a Marathon, Not a 5K Minute 42 Aid Stations (H2O and Gu)
  • 10. Focus on the Customer Its All About Relationships If Its Broke, Fix It Fast Service Beats Everything Else Were In It For The Long Haul
  • 11. www.customerservicevoodoo.com Twitter.com/brandon_caudle