How to improve your listening skills

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  • 1.How to improve your listening skills for better learning.
    By: LyubaIvanova

2. Are these pictures familiar to you?
3. Did you know that...?
We listen to 125 to 250 words per minute and we think 1000 to 3000 words per minute.
After listening to someone talk, we can correctly recall about half of what we heard.
We have learned 85 % of what we know by listening.
4. Interesting right?
Based on the facts youve just read, if we think logically and if we pay attention in class, we could actually improve our average mark with 85%, as well as ourlistening skills.
5. To improve our listening skills, first we personally should want to do so.No body can make you listen, if you don't want to!
6. Now that we decided to improve our listening skills for better learning, here are some helpful tips:
First and most importantly...

  • Come to class well rested and energized. You will be surprised to know that your sleep is very important in order to have high grades!!!

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