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A Neolithic site: Huerta Montero

By Cristina Mnguez Camacho, 2B.

LocationHuerta Montero sepulchre is in Almendralejo, a town from Badajoz. Its in the middle of the Harnina Meadow.

Chronology and informationIt was built 4,650 years ago (in the 3rd millennium BC). It belongs to Chalcolithic. On this period the interments or burials were made in big collective graves. Here remains of 109 individuals for a period of 1.000 years aprox. were found.

Apart from bones, there were offers that accompanied the dead people like clay vessels, silex knives, charms carved on bone, necklace beads and arrowheads, that are currently in the archaeological museum of Badajoz.

Bones from pets were found there, so its possible that it was a stockbreeder society. It is believed that it belongs to a kind of village or town on the outskirts of a place, whose main core was in Cabeza de San Marcos. However, in Cabeza de San Marcos the remains are very damaged.

Its divided into three parts: an access ramp, a passage and a circular burial place.

Access ramp and hall.

Passage zone.Circular burial place

Sunrays during the summer solstice go throw the passage until they light up the circular burial place.

Here we can observe the situation of the bones and the grave goods when the tomb was discovered:First interment.Second interment.

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