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  • This program is intended for undergraduate andgraduatestudentsatTheUniversityofIowa(UI)aswell as nonUI students.No previous study of anIndian language is required as the academicprogram is conducted in Englishwhich is spokenthroughout India. All students will receive creditand any addi onal credit toward specific degreerequirementsmustbedetermined inconcertwiththestudentsacademicdepartment.


    Forapplica onsandaddi onal informa onpleasego to the Office for Study Abroad website ath p://interna Prospec ve applicants should discuss their plans with theiracademic advisor and India Winterim courseinstructorGreg Bal. They should also contact theIndiaWinterimProgramAssistantCoryPetersen.

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    contact Information GregBal,CourseInstructorSupervisingA orneyStudentLegalServices157IowaMemorialUnionIowaCity,



    Studyabroad@uiowa.eduh p://interna


    The University of Iowa prohibits discrimina on in employment and in its educa onal programs and ac vi es on the basis of race, na onal origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orienta on, gender iden ty, or associa on preferences. The University also affirms its commitment to providing equal opportuni es and equal access to University facili es. For addi onal informa on on nondiscrimina on policies, contact the Coordinator of Title IX, Sec on 504, and the ADA in the Office of Affirma ve Ac on, 3193350705 (voice) and 3193350697 (text), 202 Jessup Hall, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 522421316. The University of Iowa reserves the right to change without no ce any statement in this brochure concerning, but not limited to policies, program costs, courses, and ac vi es.

    Dombarahalli Village

  • StudentswillbehousedonthemoderncampusofVisthar,a secular,nonprofitorganiza on,Vistharwill provide food, transporta on, and lodging onthesecureandmodernVistharcampuscommi edto enabling women, children and othermarginalized people realize their rights. Vistharsmission is to respond to issues of poverty,displacement, gender discrimina on, and socialexclusion by ini a ng and promo ngtransforma veandinclusiveeduca on,communitybased ini a ves and campaigns in collabora onwith Civil Society Organiza ons and SocialMovements.YoucanvisittheVistharwebsiteat:h p://

    Become a global ci zen and learn about socialjus ceissuesandthelawinIndia.Thiscourseisaperfectfit ifyouare in lawschool,wanttoa endlaw school, or wish to learn more aboutinterna onalsocialjus ceissues.You will be located in Bangalore, home of theNa onal Law School of India University. Whilethere you will learn about Indias Na onal LegalServicesAuthority(NALSA)programsforpromo ngsocial jus ce and will see how those programsinteractwiththelaw.The course will combine readings, lectures, anddiscussionsinvolvingfacultyfromtheNa onalLawSchoolofIndiaUniversityinBangalore.Classeswillbe held at the law school and on the Vistharcampus.YouwillinteractwithIndianlawstudentswhowillpar cipateinthediscussionstogiveyouabroader perspec ve of the issues engaged. Fieldvisitswill follow the lecturesanddiscussions.Youwill also have the opportunity to observe oralappellatearguments.Grading will be based on par cipa on indiscussions, a daily journal, final paper, and finalpresenta onupon returning from India. (Studentsnot a ending the University of Iowawillwrite aslightly longer paper andwill not be required togiveafinalpresenta on.)

    Na onalLawSchoolofIndiaUniversity,Bangalore

    Program description accomodations Financial aid & ScholarshipsVistharCampus


    In general, financial aid received to a end theUniversityofIowamaybeappliedtowardthecostof studying abroad. Aid eligibility is adjusted toreflect the total cost of par cipa ng in theprogram. In addi on, students are encouraged toapply for need and meritbased scholarshipsawardedbytheOfficeforStudyAbroad.Completeinforma onisavailableat:

    h p://interna funding/

    About the instructor Greg Bal is the supervising a orney for TheUniversity of Iowas Student Legal Services clinic.He was born in India and speaks several Indianlanguages including Hindi, Punjabi, andUrdu. Hislegal career has focused primarily on providinglegalrepresenta on incivilandcriminal ma ers to indigentpopula ons.HeisagraduateofDrakeUniversity Law School inDes Moines, Iowa; The JudgeAdvocate Generals School inCharlo esville,Virginia;andtheNa onal Criminal DefenseCollegeinMacon,Georgia.