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Integrated marketing strategy for i2 it

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Integrated marketing strategy for i2it

Text of Integrated marketing strategy for i2 it

  • 1. Integrated Marketing Strategy for IIT
    April 19,2010
    By DeepakMotiramani

2. Objective
Increased Quality Intake
Image building
Better placements
Lower cost of outreach
Wider presence
3. Participatory Process
Institution-wide task force
Identity focus groups... on the same page
Action teams focused on targets
Editorial priorities committees
Special initiatives plans
4. Integrated Communication
Its not sending out information
It focuses on relationship building
Prefers direct and interactive media
Targets stakeholders and opinion leaders
Designs total impact communication plans
5. 6. 7. Old media Vs. New Media
Old Media
New Media
8. The Approach
Traditional & New Media Marketing
Community Events
Campus Connect Programs
Faculty Connect Programs
Industry Connect Programs
Admissions & Placements
Image Building
Referral Enrollments & Phd Courses
9. Integrated Marketing covers
Direct Marketing
Personal Selling
Public Relations
10. New ways of Marketing
Buzz Marketing
Fusion Marketing
Viral Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Evangelist Marketing
Stakeholder Marketing
11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Social Network Marketing Framework
16. ObservationsKeyword IsquareIT
Linkedin 34 results
Twitter Updates - 8
Blogs - 249
Google News None (Archives few)
Google Images 392 Results
Facebook: 172 Fans
YouTube: 1 result
Being Cataleptic- Posted by a student
Google Search
Results 1 - 10 of about 3,210 for IsquareIT
17. International Institute of Information Technology, Pune, India
18. 19. Google AdWords Search Reports
20. Website hits Jan 2009- Feb 2010
21. Comparison of Web Traffic
Between IIIT Hyderabad and ISquareIT
22. 23. Communication Sphere
24. Implementation Plan
Phase 1 Requirement Analysis from Stakeholders
Phase 2 Define goal for priority market
Phase 3 Set long term goal
Phase 4 Set a budget for 1-2 year development, implementation and measurement schedule
Phase 5 Develop Creative methods and means to market.
25. Added Initiatives
Entrepreneurship Incubation Centre
Mentors from Industry
Collaborations with Academic Institutions across the globe
Continuing Education Cell
Short Duration Programs
Delivery of lectures over Internet
Faculty Development Program for Technical Institutions
26. CRM
Enquiry Management System
Placement Management System
Opt In Newsletter from ISquareIT
Alumni Database
27. Events
Alumni Connect
Corporate Connect
Technical Symposiums
Summer Training Programs
28. Challenges
Multiple Disciplines
Outreach to over 1500 engineering and other colleges
Centralized Marketing
Setting Benchmarks
29. 30. Case Study UnderGrad Institutions in MP
Engineering Colleges 204
Target location for offline/online events:
Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur
Fusion Marketing
Marketing Audit
31. Incubation Centre
Incubation and seed-funding of innovative start-ups
Research on industry trends and best practices - enabling our start-ups to focus on relevant problems while learning from other's mistakes
Disseminate knowledge through conferences, publication and training a new generation of practitioners
Forge linkages with partners, globally, to support the above activities
32. Centre for Life Long Learning
Audience Alumni, Corporate, Students, Faculty from Under Graduate Colleges, Summer Project Students
Open Learning Platform
Virtual University with more than 1000 courses and eBooks
33. Integrated Marketing Strategy Focus
Data driven marketing
Long term impact
Measurable results
Marketing Audits
Lowering the Marketing Cost
Increasing reach and effect
Involvement of stakeholders
34. Questions?

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