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Kasuti of karnataka (mysore state)

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Text of Kasuti of karnataka (mysore state)

Kasuti of Karnataka (Mysore State)

Kasuti of Karnataka (Mysore State): Introduction

Fabric Used

Fine Silk Black

Fine Silk Dark Blue

Fine Silk Fabric of sarees was used earlier in addition

to this, canvas or fine matty is used now. The base

colour is dark, usually black or dark blue.

Threads Used

DCM Threads

Anchor Threads

Kohinoor Threads

Stitches Used

Motifs Used

Kasuti work involves embroidering

very intricate patterns like gopura,

chariot, palanquin, lamps.

Locally available materials are used for Kasuti.

The pattern to be embroidered is

first marked with charcoal or pencil

and then proper needles and thread are selected.

The work is laborious and involves

counting of each thread on the


The patterns are stitched without

using knots to ensure that both

sides of the cloth look alike.

A traditional Kasuti saree has a border and different traditional motifs like parrot,

gopuram, lamps, palanquin and geometric abstracts and spread across the body.

The pallu is filled with different types of motifs with no pattern or theme as such.

This feature actually makes a quaint and interesting saree.


Kasuti on Matty Cloth