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Let’s investigate Eduard, Dani, Oriol and Clàudia

Let's investigate

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Page 1: Let's investigate

Let’s investigateEduard, Dani, Oriol and Clàudia

Page 2: Let's investigate

Public schoolBasically it’s a school that they have more liberty than the others and is operated by the governement, it means that if do you study there you don’t have to pay anithing.

Example in Barcelona: Escola Estel Guinardó

Page 3: Let's investigate

Private school The private schools are like a public schools but they are more exigent and are not controlled by the government.That means that the students have to pay more money.Example of private school in Barcelona: The British school of Barcelona

Page 4: Let's investigate

Religious schoolIn religion schools they study the same like in the other schools.But all the days they pray and they talk about they’re religion.You can find this tipes of schools in all the world but it depence of the country what religion study.

Example of school in Barcelona: Jesuïtes Sarrià

Page 5: Let's investigate

Montesori SchoolThey learn playing.Is a school that they have a good academic level but they work more creative than the other schools. The boys and the girls are playing and studying in the same moment.

Page 6: Let's investigate

Country SchoolCountry school It’s like the firsts schools in the world. They study in one room and all students are educated by the same teacher.

In Barcelona we don’t have any country school.

Page 7: Let's investigate

Type of school that we wanna like to go

The type of school that we wanna like to go are the public schools. Beacause have the same methodology than the private schools, but they have more liberty.

And we like Montesori school too.

Page 8: Let's investigate

School that we don’t wanna to goThe school that we don’t wanna to go is the religious school. Beacause not all the group is religious and we don’t like they’re methodology.

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Page 10: Let's investigate