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Meaning in Advertising

Persuasion Ethos, Logos, Pathos

So, how do they do it?

There are three basic techniques in persuasion. Those techniques are






Ethos (credible or ethical appeal)means convincing by the character of the authorwe tend to believe people whom we respectGoal is to convince people you are someone worth listening someone who has authority, someone who is likeable or respected

Ethos includes testimonial

Ethos includes testimonial

Ethos includes testimonial


Ethos also appeals to fundamental rights

Ethos also appeals to fundamental rightsThis is also testimonialWarning: the next image contains a graphic image that some viewers may find disturbing

Logos (logical or fact-based appeal)means persuading by the use of reasoningUse of statistics is popularFocus on facts, recorded evidence, historical data Can mention studies, surveys

Buzz words (logos words that mean nothing, but sound factual)Examples: pure (pure what? Sounds clean)natural (cancer is technically natural; natural doesnt mean good)freedom, tasty -Er words (ex: better, cleaner, longer, faster) Technically not the best, cleanest, longest, or fastest.

Complete nonsense wordIncludes a fun statistic for logos

What exactly is sophistication?

Making claims for natureA sugar filled drink?nature makes people think it is healthy

Statistics make it seem legitimate How do you measure irritating?Less irritating than what? Swallowing glass?Good thing its toasted!

Better means nothingTastes better than what?

Maximum means nothing but sounds really cool

Pathos (emotional appeal)means persuading by appealing to the audiences emotionsLanguage choice affects the audience's emotional responsecan be positive (ex: love, excitement) or negative (ex: jealousy, hatred)

Pathos can play on fear

Pathos can play on worry

Pathos can play on Sadness


Pathos can play on nostalgia

Pathos can play on a sense of adventure

Pathos can play on desires

Pathos can play on horror

Pathos can play on disgust

Pathos can play on affection

Pathos can play on humour

So, persuasion in advertising? Now you know!And you know what they say