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2. CCOONNTTEENNTTSSFFUUNNCCTTOONN OOFF SSEECCOONNDDAARRYY MMAARRKKEETTSSTrading LocationsMarket StructuresPerfect Markets 3. There are aaccttuuaallllyy ttwwoo lleevveellss oofftthhee ccaappiittaall mmaarrkkeettss iinn wwhhiicchhiinnvveessttoorrss ppaarrttiicciippaattee::Primary MarketsSecondary Markets 4. SSEECCOONNDDAARRYYMMAARRKKEETTSecondary market means market forpurchase and sale of second handsecurities.Securities once sold can be resold toothers through stock brokers.Also called After Market. 5. It is a organized market wheresecurities issued by- Companies,Government, Semi GovernmentInstitutions and Public bodies aretraded.These securities are traded inthe stock exchange where theyare listed. 6. SSEECCOONNDDAARRYY MMAARRKKEETT IINNCCLLUUDDEESS::--Stock exchangesBSE (Sensex) NSE (Nifty) 7. OOTTCCEEII(Over The Counter exchangeof India) 8. SSHHCCIILL(StoCk HoLdIngCorporatIon IndIa Ltd) 9. LLOONNDDOONN IINNTTEERRNNAATTIIOONNAALL SSTTOOCCKKEEXXCCHHAANNGGEE 10. FFRRAANNKKFFUURRTT SSTTOOCCKK EEXXCCHHAANNGGEE 11. PPAARRIISS BBOOUURRSSEE 12. TTOOKKYYOO SSTTOOCCKK EEXXCCHHAANNGGEE 13. IISSTTAANNBBUULL SSTTOOCCKK EEXXCCHHAANNGGEE 14. FFUUNNCCTTIIOONN OOFF SSEECCOONNDDAARRYYMMAARRKKEETT Capital Formation: By mobilizing the savings of thepublic to productive purposes,facilities in capital formationand there by economic growth. 15. Security Price Formation: By quoting the share price inthe secondary market thereal worth of a security canbe know to the investors. 16. Liquidity to Investment:-Secondary market provides readyand continuous market for listedsecurities, hence investors canenjoy liquidity to the investors. 17. Securities ttrraaddeedd iinntthhee SSeeccoonnddaarryy MMaarrkkeett Government Securities:-Includes securities of CentralGovernment, StateGovernment, State Corporationand Semi GovernmentAuthority like Port trust,Municipal corporation etc. 18. Corporate Securities:-Corporate or IndustrialSecurities includes equityshares, preference share anddebentures of different types. 19. TThhaannkkss....