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Methodology Iii

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  • 1.Methodology III

2. The Vision for Adolescent CatechesisLIVING EXPLICIT FRUITFUL Confession of Faith 3. Maturing in Faith Personal identity Life of the church Value system commitment to personal faith Sexuality Relationship skills Relationship w/Jesus Service Critical faith reflection Justice Importance of vocation scripture Pattern of prayer Catholic Tradition 4. Catechists have a special solidarity withy those whom they catechize and a particular sensitivity to their needs. They live in the same world as those they catechize, and share the demands of living in the world as do those they teach. (54, B, 8) 5. The process of conversion involves understanding who Christ is in order to change and follow him more closely. Conversion begins with an openness to the initial proclamation of the Gospel and a sincere desire to listen for its resonance within. (17, B) 6. Catechists should deepen the believers understanding of the mystery of Christ. A strengthening of faith, in turn, leads to a change of heart (conversion) in order to be more committed and follow Christ more closely. (28, B) 7. Faith, then, is the human response to a personal God, who has revealed himself, and to the Truth that God has revealed through the Catholic Church. (16, C) 8. The Vision for Adolescent CatechesisLIVING EXPLICIT FRUITFUL Confession of Faith 9. Methodology Class- February 18, 2006 Outcomes: Develop a prayer relationship and an appreciation of Sacraments students need to develop a relationship with Jesus at all times. relate Scriptures to present day life discipleship- living like Christ Chastity and Sexuality in a chaste world personal life with JC prayer life, communal worship study scriptures and catechism our actions fruits of the first two grow in an understanding of ministry and church Jayne (as teenager): respect, honor, service, strength emphasis on basics: Eucharist, trinity, worship and communal faith life 10. Methodology Class- February 18, 2006 Outcomes: role of the church in todays world, more a sense of salvation history sacraments in our lives, and behavior responses. honoring parents, people - - - respect each other moral decisions built upon sense of respect of self and family 11. The Catholic community expects that the maturing adolescent on the path of discipleship is: personal relationship with Jesus Christ personal prayer, communal worship, understanding of the Scriptures knowledge of the Catholic tradition discerning his / her vocational call maintaining a Christian imagination of sexuality critically reflecting on justice honoring his /her parents demonstrating hospitality examining his/ her moral actions C a ro tt integrating service cardinal and theological virtues a theological reflection re c e nt 12. The Vision forAdolescent Catechesis A Maturing Young DiscipleSeeking a LIVING Faith: has positive self-image is growing in understanding of intimacy within relationships. is forming life based upon values. 13. The Vision forAdolescent Catechesis A Maturing Young DiscipleSeeking a EXPLICIT Faith: is developing the skills and ability to the apply faith to daily life experiences. is developing an appreciation for the Scriptures and an understanding of Tradition of the Church. is acquiring both experiences and skills with which to make moral decisions. 14. The Vision forAdolescent Catechesis A Maturing Young DiscipleSeeking a FRUITFUL Faith: desires to grow in personal holiness. has an imperative to be an agent of change with the Spirit in todays world. has a compelling urgency to offer service in Gods name. 15. The Vision forAdolescent Catechesis A Maturing Young DiscipleSeeking to CONFESS FAITH: is deepening in commitment to grow in maturity in personal faith. exhibits an active participation in the sacramental life of the Church. participates actively in the life and ministries of the Church. 16. Divine & Human Chapter 4: Methodology Elements of Human Methodology Human Experience Learning by discipleship Christian Community Christian family and home Witness of the catechesis Learning by heart Learning by Christian living Learning by apprenticeship. 17. Mini-Courses 18. Small Faith Communities 19. Mentoring 20. Retreats 21. Service Learning 22. Super Sundays 23. Summer Camps 24. Class 25. Other Approaches

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