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2. 1.To characterize the town where we live. 2. To describe its geographical peculiarities. 3. To describe people living here. 4. To show how geography influence peoples life styles. 3. We've got it all! Sunny, sandy river beaches The world's greatest oil park Interesting wildlife Different sports for all the family Native people of our region Looking for an exciting holiday? Want to have some fun? Need to relax and have a rest? Come to Raduzhny on holiday! 4. WELCOME TO RADUZHNY KHANTI MANSIYSKY OKRUG UGRA THE MAYOR OF RADUZHNY IS GRIGORY BORSHCHYOV 5. Rainbows in the Flag, And some above the arms, My Raduzhny is funny! There are rainbows everywhere: Rainbows in the sky, Rainbows on the roads, And there are two girls in my school With Rainbows on their faces! 6. We all buy some tasty food! And in it There's a supermarket! In my town And a music school! There's a inema, a pool, This is my Raduzhny , Its region 86. 7. Come and see our parksHouse of CouncilsPalace of CultureNew Hospital.Market.Church Hotel Sports Palace 8. September 2, 2013 Our Raduzhny Cities has its birthday like people do. It is called The Day of the City in Russia. We want our home town to look beautiful on this day. There are a lot of flowers, balloons, flags everywhere. We enjoy street performers and concerts. There are a lot of competitions. A lot of people join in. The evening is the time for fireworks. We're having a good time, A fabulous, fun time! We're painting our faces, We're running in races, We're having a good, good time 9. State Secondary School of General Education 8 The arms of the school 8 is: Set sail with us, Join us, please! Set sail with us for study. The director of our school Shayahmetova Raisa Nafisovna 10. At first I was scared. But my teacher and classmates were very friendly. I loved my first day at school! The most memorable days at school? The 1st 0f September! Varaksa Masha 11. The most memorable days at school? We sang songs about school and put on a play. Our parents came to see our concert. Everybody had a really good time. We love English and our English teacher. 12. I like travelling and visiting new places. We often go hiking with classmates and teachers. Here are some pages from our diary. The most memorable days at school? May 28, 2013 Here we are, camping in the forest in Siberia! It's cool and windy, but my new tent is nice and warm. 13. Its tasty. The wood is nice The wood is cool I can work there on my way to school 14. Mart 20, 2014 We were the best of times We really, really were: I went to Khanty and Mansi And I saw the deer there The rides were really great ! The most memorable days at school? 15. Native people of our region in winter. A boy is wearing very warm and unusual clothes hand made boots and a fur deer coat. Khanty and Mansi lived in our region five thousand years ago. In my tree house In my tree, There are lots of things For you to see We were the best of times We really, really were: I went to Khanty and Mansi And I saw the tree house there The toys were really great ! 16. The most memorable days at school? September 30, 2013 We were the best of times We really, really were: I went to oil industry men And I saw a bore - hole The derricks were really great ! 17. The most memorable days at school? At the end of the year we have to say goodbye to primary school and our first teachers. I'm a little bit sad about it. We get special diplomas on this day. May 17, 2014 Gorbartuk 18. Come to Raduzhny! 86 region 19. 4- My Native Town. 1. ( 4-) 2. (4-) 3. (4-) 4. (4- ) 5. (4-) 6. (4-) 7. (4-) 8. (4-) 9. (4-) 10. (4-) 8 628462 . . .6 30. . 83466833419