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  • NYCpublic.orgs Parent Engagement Lab a new vision for parent power
  • NYCpublic.orgs projects enable public school parents to: ! learn about educa@on policy issues ! connect and collaborate with other parents across geographical, economic, social, and ethnic divides ! maximize the reach of parent-led campaigns through a variety of online and oine tools ! build solu@ons and take ac@on! 11/21/13 2
  • 11/21/13 3
  • Three Goals of the Day ! Re-envision parent engagement in NYC public schools 11/21/13 ! Model a new process for parent engagement ! Present parents solu@ons to mayoral candidates 4
  • Daiyu and Pat make a case for parents collabora@ng. 11/21/13 5
  • We promised that we would share the days outcomes with the next mayor. 11/21/13 6
  • Why a Parent Engagement Lab? ! The Parent Engagement Lab is NYCpublics version of the charreWe. ! The charreWe, a structured brainstorming protocol with roots in architecture, invites full par@cipa@on and collabora@on between diverse stakeholders. ! Parent Engagement Labs support parents as they move from iden@fying challenges to building solu@ons (together). 11/21/13 7
  • Step 1: Hear from a variety of experts about the current state of parent engagement in NYC and beyond. Lisa Donlan, CEC 1 President Fran Huckaby, Professor of Educa@on at TCU How has mayoral control impacted parents access to power and input into decision making? How are parents organizing & engaging across the country to improve schools? Kim Sweet, Execu@ve Director of Advocates for Children What powers do parents have legally under mayoral control? 11/21/13 8
  • Step 2: Iden@fy the impacts of the current parent engagement model. 200 post-its captured over 200 impacts. 11/21/13 9
  • Par@cipants noted impacts anywhere that parents interact with the school system. ! school level (ex: language barriers make it hard to have in- depth conversa@ons about their childs progress, or to par@cipate in the PTA) ! district level (ex: parents are not consulted for key district decisions like what kinds of new schools are needed or where to site them) ! system level (ex: parents are seen as a group to managed and policies are rolled out without parents input) 11/21/13 10
  • Step 3: Brainstorm solu@ons that address current challenges and suggest a way forward for the next mayor. 11/21/13 11
  • Some of the ideas that emerged The mayor could adopt the following approach to his new job: ! not as simself as working in csontrol tohem schools and See h omeone who must ervice f the ! Create policies that come from a variety of stakeholders, educators, parents, administrators, community members, and experts in the eld ! Appoint an educator to the posi@on of Chancellor 11/21/13 12
  • Step 4: Breakout groups each select one idea to esh out. 11/21/13 13
  • Step 5: Breakout groups present big ideas to mayoral candidates or their representa@ves. 11/21/13 14
  • Even the former DoE Accountability Chief now realizes that parents want to be seen as partners. The idea was that if you give parents beWer results, beWer service 311 sorts of things and more choice, then you dont need poli@cs, they dont need par@cipa@on, they dont need to be involved because theyll get what they want as a consumer, Jim Liebman said. And I think thats true for some things, but it turns out that public educa@on is something that parents really, deeply want to be involved in. Gotham Schools, 11/20/13 11/21/13 15
  • Step 6: Collect every post-it and document parents collabora@on. 11/21/13 16
  • Step 7: Build in new solu@ons as more and more parents respond to the original ideas. 11/21/13 17
  • Talking Transi@on Ac@vity 1 Circulate around the tables and read parents ideas about how the next mayor can beWer engage and empower parents. 11/21/13 2 Once you have read several ideas, please select a table with the topic that most interests you. 18
  • 1 What ques@ons do you have about these ideas? Please limit ques,ons to one per post-it. Lay nished ques,ons out on your table. 2 Select 1-2 of the ideas that appeal most to you. Each par,cipant can use 2 dots to vote. If there is a ,e, resolve through discussion. 11/21/13 3 What do you want to tell the new mayor about why you would like to see this or these policies/solu@ons implemented? As a group, come up with a 1-2 min. pitch. In crea,ng your pitch, include how the policy would posi,vely aect your child, school, the district, or the system. 19
  • Group Share 11/21/13 20
  • what is needed to improve schools is an ac,ve ci,zenry, invested in solving educa,onal problems through public delibera,on. - Kenneth Howe and David Meens, Democracy LeI Behind, 2012 11/21/13 21
  • 11/21/13 22
  • Step 7: Build in new solu@ons as more and more parents respond to the original ideas. 11/21/13 23
  • Video example 11/21/13 24
  • NYCpublic is proud to have received grants and dona@ons from: Gale Brewer, ManhaWan Borough President Elect Elance Estelle Harris Four & Twenty Blackbirds Renee Rosenberg Maizie and Sue Schaner We are especially thankful to Jack and Helen Gorelick for their recent gir. And to our scal sponsor, Fund for the City of New York. We invite you to add your name to this list. 11/21/13 25
  • Please stay in touch.
  • Compendium of ideas generated by public school parent par@cipants at the December 2012 Parent Engagement Lab (charreWe)
  • Ins@tu@onalize/priori@ze/ privilege parent engagement.
  • ! Strengthen the current structure to meaningfully include parents or work to change the structure. ! Accountability should include how well a school or the system invites and listens to parents voices. ! Publish a report card for parent engagement at each school determined by authen@c parent surveys and input. ! Create a citywide leadership team where all cons@tuents (parents, students, teachers, principals, advocates) weigh in on policy issues. ! Establish regular town mee@ngs where the mayor just listens to issues. He or she can start the next mee@ng by recoun@ng what he or she heard and what his or her progress is on each issue. ! Establish oce hours where reps or the mayor hears from parents. 11/21/13 29
  • ! Create a truly inclusive system that mandates real parent and community input in decisions