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Pilot questionnaire

Every person that we asked said that they would prefer to see a mixture of both the interview and cinematic shots. This makes sense as the cinematic shots will help to illustrate what the interviewee is saying.

Majority of the people asked said that they would like a voice over to accompany the documentary, therefore in the final questionnaire I will ask what kind of voice over they would like and whether gender would make a difference to them.

The majority felt that the ending of the documentary should be open. Whilst this is a good option for most documentaries , I believe that a conclusive ending would fit ours better. This is because we want to leave our viewers feeling that all the hard work to get into the industry is worth it. An open ending would leave them feeling unsure about it.

Everyone we questioned said they would like a mix of both professionals and students. This can make our documentary more relatable for our primary audience as some of the people being interviewed will be a similar aged. Including the professionals will also allow them to see a different view of the industry from someone that already made it.

Majority of the people asked choose an MCU as there preferred shot type , with a MS as the second option. This was expected as an MCU is commonly used in interviews.

There wasnt a clear choice in the question , so it is something we have to ask to a larger sample frame to get a more conclusive result.

Poster Questionnaire

This is a result we expected as posters conventionally have critical success on them.

This is the right choice for our product as a cinematic poster will represent that drama of the theatre industry better than an minimalist poster would.

Again a photo would be a better choice for our product as it will have a more theatrical feel.

The audience felt that the poster would be better with an image from the film being used. However this is a view we will probably go against as we feel a unique photo for the poster would be better , as we can have a greater amount of control on what the picture looks like. Rather then a still from the documentary.

The result of this question was inconclusive , so is something we will have to ask to a larger sample frame.

Although high key has majority of the votes , we will ask this question to a larger amount of people aswell , in order to get a more conclusive answer.

We agree with this answer as a tag line will help people remember the film as well as know more about it.

Radio questionnaire

This is an answer we expected as radio adverts conventionally have music in the background. In the next questionnaire I will ask about what type of music they would like to her in the radio advert.

All the people asked decided that they would like to hear quotes taken from the film, we believe this is so they get more context as to what the film is about.

Again this was an expected answer, in the next questionnaire I will ask more questions about what kind of voiceover they would prefer to hear.

Majority of people listen to the radio in the morning , this insight will help us to decide when we want our advert to be played.

All of our younger audience choose the shorter time frame so as they are our primary audience this is the time we will probably go with.

Most of the audience said yes to the tagline being used in the radio advert , this makes sense as it will help them remember the film and they can link it with the poster.

Overall a lot of the results were conclusive which will help us a lot when making decisions in the planning stage, however they are some which will need a larger amount of people to be asked in order to get a conclusive answer.