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Pilot Questionnaire

By Megan VincentPilot Questionnaire


There was one question which was answered that is very helpful for us. It said Spend time researching whichever topic to end up covering. Speak to someone who has genuinely been through it for themselves otherwise you run the risk of it being clichd and unengaging. Above anything, remember that it should be substance over style.We will completely take this on board. The research he suggested I have covered in topic research. Also, we need to speak to someone who has been through it! Some really helpful advice!Question 13

We thought that our questionnaire was very successful and many of the answers from our target audience selected were what we assumed so, such as props and lighting.From the research there are a lot of varied answers regarding names, titles and effects. This reasons why we need to have the questionnaire on a wider sample; there will be more of a pattern in the results. There were also varied answers for camera shots and movement which suggests that we need to include a mixture of them both to improve our production by making it more appealing and engaging.


General feedback from the questionnaire was that some of it was slightly confusing. This means that we need to adapt our final questionnaire and be more clearer and specific for the audience so that they understand. One audience member suggested that we explain the relationship with his father in more detail which we will add.On question 2, the answer of inner city and high-street overlap. Therefore we will need to eliminate high-street and just have inner city.Also, for question 10, I think that there is an answer box missing. We only put dialogue, and dialogue with minimal music. I think that music playing needs to be another answer so it covers all options.What we need to change