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  • 1. PORWNANIE CZASW Present Simple Tense oraz Present Continuous Tense

2. THE PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE (Zdanie twierdzce) She works on her basket after dinner every day. 3. THE PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE Zdanie twierdzce: to work - pracowa I YOU WORK SHE HE IT WORKS WE YOU THEY WORK 4. 3-cia osoba liczby pojedynczej - pisownia 1. W 3-ciej osobie liczby pojedynczej do czasownika dodajemy kocwk -s. work He works 2. Do czasownikw koczcych si na: ss,s,x,ch,sh,o dodajemy es dress She dresses fix He fixes watch She watches TV wash She washes go It goes ! 3. Czasowniki koczce si spgosk + y, zamieniamy y na i i dodajemy es Spgoska + y i + es: cry cries, fly flies, terrify - terrifies 5. 3-cia osoba liczby pojedynczej 1. push 2. sneeze 3. glorify 4. annoy 5 . kiss 6. deny 7. marry He pushes He sneezes He glorifies He annoys He kisses He denies He marries 6. THE PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE Pytanie oglne: DOES HE WORK AS A DOCTOR? Yes, he does. 7. THE PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE INTERROGATIVE: WORK DO I YOU WORK? DOES SHE HE IT WORK? DO WE YOU THEY WORK? 8. THE PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE (Przeczenie) HE DOESNT WORK AS A DOCTOR, HE WORKS AS A TAXI DRIVER. 9. THE PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE Przeczenie: WORK- pracowa I YOU DO NOT DONT WORK SHE HE IT DOES NOT DOESNT WORK WE YOU THEY DO NOT DONT WORK 10. The Present Simple Tense uywamy, eby opisa: 1. Fakty, ktre s zawsze prawdziwe general truths, np. fakty naukowe i opisy geograficzne. Water freezes at 0 degrees. 0 11. The Present Simple Tense uywamy, eby opisa: 2. Wydarzenia, ktre odbywaj si regularnie (Habitual actions). Czsto uywamy przyswkw czstotliwoci. They usually go for a walk with their son. 12. The Present Simple Tense uywamy, eby opisa: 3. Opinie, upodobania, uczucia. She likes making snowmen. 13. THE PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE Okrelenia czasu Przyswki czstotliwoci: ALWAYS, OFTEN, GENERALLY, USUALLY, NORMALLY, SOMETIMES, NEVER. HE NORMALLY COOKS PASTA. Inne okrelenia czasu EVERY DAY, EVERY MONTH, EVERY YEAR, ON SUNDAYS, AT THE WEEKENDS ETC. MUSICIANS SOMETIMES WORK ON SUNDAYS. 14. THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE At the moment Im playing football. play 15. THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE I am m playing. You We They are re He She It is s Zdanie twierdzce: Play gra, bawi si 16. THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE Is he playing football at the moment? No, he isnt. He is running. 17. THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE Pytanie: Play Przeczenie: Play Am I playing?Are you we they Is he she it I am not m not playing You We They are not arent He She It is not isnt 18. WHAT IS SHE DOING? draw She is drawing a picture at the moment. 19. WHAT IS TWEETY DOING? ITS FLYING. 20. czasownik + ing (reguy pisowni) listen + ing = listening die (-iey) + ing = dying write + ing = writing hop + p + ing = hopping travel + l + ing = travelling 21. Make ing forms of each verb given. begin rub listen lie swim study happen get use admit try decide come put 22. ing forms beginning rubbing listening lying swimming studying happening getting using admitting trying deciding coming putting 23. The Present Continuous Tense uywamy: 1. Actions which are happening at or around the moment of speaking. Now Im doing the washing up. She is working very hard nowadays. 2. Temporary situations. Im staying with a friend at the moment. 24. Wydarzenia, ktre dziej si obecnie (1) They are dancing right now. 25. Tymczasowe sytuacje (2) They normally play tennis. But this week they are skating. 26. The Present Continuous Tense uywamy dla: 3. Dla zmieniajcych si lub rozwijajcych si sytuacji. His English is getting better. Its getting colder. 4. Ustalonych przygotowa w bliskiej przyszoci. They are getting married next week. 27. Zmieniajce si sytuacje(3) Yesterday it was very sunny. Today its raining more and more. 28. Przygotowania na najblisz przyszo(4) They are celebrating a party next weekend. 29. THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE Okrelenia czasowe: Now, at the moment, at present, today, nowadays, this week. They are throwing snowballs now. 30. Presentation based on IES - Junta de Andalucia s work. Thank you! Bernadetta