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Reported Speech I am ill! Paul said that he was ill.

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  1. 1. Reported Speech I am ill! Paul said that he was ill.
  2. 2. Reported Speech Usamos la forma indirecta para indicar lo que alguien haya dicho. Paul said that he was feeling ill
  3. 3. Paul said, I am ill. Paul said that he was ill. Cules son los cambios? 1. No hay comas ni entrecomillas (, ) 2. Se agrega that (opcional) 3. Los Pronombres cambian (I He) 4. Los tiempos cambian ( am was)
  4. 4. Cambio en los Tiempos am/is was are were do/does did have/has had Cambio en los Pronombres I He /she You He /she/ they The doctor said, You are getting better. The doctor said that she was getting better. You are getting better!
  5. 5. My his/her Jane said, They are my friends. Jane said they were her friends. They are my friends
  6. 6. Me him/her Jane said, He loved me. Jane said he had loved her. He loved me.
  7. 7. Mine his/hers Jane said, It is mine. Jane said it was hers. It is mine!
  8. 8. Direct vs Reported Speech Direct Speech Indirect or Reported Speech I He, She You I, He, She,We,They We They Me Him,Her You Him,Her,Us,Them Us Them Direct Speech Indirect or Reported Speech Presente Simple Pasado Simple Pasado Simple Pasado Perfecto Presente Continuo Pasado Continuo Presente Perfecto Pasado Perfecto Presente Perfecto Continuo Pasado Perfecto Continuo Futuro Condicional PRONOMBRES TIEMPOS VERBALES
  9. 9. My parents are very well. James said that his parents were very well.
  10. 10. My father has been in New York. He said that his father had been in New York.
  11. 11. I'm going to learn to drive. Jenny said that she was going to learn to drive.
  12. 12. We can finish in time. Jason said they could finish in time.
  13. 13. I watched TV and I did my homework. Sami said that he had watched TV and he had done his homework.
  14. 14. Change of time and place reference "I saw him today", she said. She said that she had seen him that day. today that day
  15. 15. "I saw him yesterday" He said that he had seen him the day before. yesterday the day before