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  • 1. Welcome to Ms. Rooprais Science Class 2012-2013 I G Conchos
  • 2. What are the rules in this class room? Follow directions the very first time they are given. Come to class on time and be prepared. Always treat yourself, others, and materials with respect. Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat. Gum and other food items are not allowed in the class. Keep your shirt tucked in at all times No electronic devices are allowed out in the class.
  • 3. Following the expectations willresult in Verbal Acknowledgement/cheers A stress free learning environment Class room celebrations Positive comments sent home Success in life
  • 4. Not following the expectationswill result in: Verbal warning Time out and think sheet analysis Parent call and/or after school detention Disciplinary Referral
  • 5. Classroom Procedures Why do we need to establish certain rules and procedures?- To achieve our goals in life What are your goals?- To pass 7th/8th grade
  • 6. Cont What do I need to do to pass my class?- Focus on my work, pay attention in the classroom and use my time wisely. You can achieve that only by following the rules and procedures in the class.
  • 7. Before entering the room Line up on the wall outside the classroom door with one shoulder touching the wall at least one foot apart, hands down at sides. Wait quietly until teacher comes to door to greet you.
  • 8. Entering the room Please enter quietly Greet the teacher Pick up the Do Now Go directly to your seat Review the agenda Begin Do Now assignment
  • 9. Getting your attentionI will: Stand in front of the class Raise my hand Say High Five and count down to 0. Wait for everyone to be quiet Begin speaking
  • 10. Class Dismissal Clean your desks and areas and sit quietly The teacher dismisses you, not the bell The teacher will tell you when to stand, push your chairs in, and line up at the door Wait quietly in the line, until the teacher directs you to the next class
  • 11. How to get teachers attention? Look at the teacher Raise your hand and stay calm Wait until the teacher says your name Ask your question
  • 12. Pencil Sharpening Raise your pencil and point towards its tip quietly.
  • 13. Going to the Restroom Raise your hand with your fingers crossed. Wait for the teacher to acknowledge you. Sign the bathroom log and go to the restroom. Remember to ask only for emergencies.
  • 14. Pass papers in and out The materials monitor will bring papers to your group. When turning in papers, each of you place papers together on the table. Material monitor will pick up the papers and place in the basket for the homeroom.
  • 15. Fire Drill Remain calm, stand up and line up quickly in the class. Line monitor 1 up at the front of the line should carry the drill bag. Walk quietly to the field and stand quietly in the line where the teacher tells you to stand. Talking, playing or fooling around in line is not allowed. Wait patiently in line until the teacher gives the signal to go back to class. The line monitors will be in their positions and lead the class back to the room.
  • 16. Special ProceduresThese will be introduced on an as needed basis Library/Computer lab Working Cooperatively Assemblies Substitute Teacher Science Experiments
  • 17. Finish Class work Early What do I do next?
  • 18. What do I do next? Work on unfinished science assignments. You can start working on the homework packet. Read your choice topic from the text. Review vocabulary words. Work on todays puzzle.
  • 19. When you are absent? Raise your hand and get permission from the teacher to look at the folders on the absent wall. Take out the assignments from the folder on the day you missed. Go back to your seat and bring the finish assignment next day. You can start working on them when you finish early. Remember it is your responsibility to turn in your missing work.
  • 20. Remember.I truly believe in your potential and I want you to believe in it too!Have an awesome year! Mrs. Rooprai