Save the girl child

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1. The term female foeticidemeans killing the femalefoetus in the mother's womb.The practice has beenfollowed in India for ages, acountry that once describedits women as godessess.For this reason, Indianwomen will soon get extinct. 2. Poverty Gender Discrimination Lack of Education Traditional practices Future Speculations (Education, Marriage,Dowry, etc) 3. We are born of woman.We make friendship with woman.We are bound with the world throughwoman.There is none without woman 4. It is the responsibility of the Educatedgeneration to stir a revolution for saving thegirl child. We need to educate those educated as wellas the uneducated ignorants who commitssuch crimes as female infanticide. Television, advertisements, movies, intheater plays can influence people Governmental policies like ladli yojna, 5. Child sex ratio(1000 males) 6. why 7. sdfsdfsafsadfsdafsda