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School in Japan

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Page 1: School in Japan

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日本の学校にほん の がっこう

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Page 2: School in Japan

School in Japan - then足利学校 - あしかががっこう (Ashikaga gakkou) is the oldest school in

Japan. Although it is not a functioning school, it is used for cultural

events in the Ashikaga community and has a small library with the town

archives and other important archaeological findings. Unfortunately,

schools don't all look this cool anymore. Or even function the way

Ashikaga Gakkou did. Ashikaga gakkou was really a school for the

scholarly elite priests - definitely not free and public education for all.

Page 3: School in Japan

Most school buildings in use today were built in the 1950’s and 60’s

following the second world war. They all pretty much follow the same

set of blueprints (although many are now being re-modeled!)

On the left- an older school. On the right - a remodeled school!

School in Japan - now

Page 4: School in Japan

Now, let's take a look at what schools really

look like!

Here are some photos I took of the schools

I worked at!

Page 5: School in Japan

図書館 としょかん

Page 6: School in Japan

校庭 こうていthis was during 運動会 (うんどうかい)or "sports day"

Page 7: School in Japan

職員室 しょくいんしつ

Page 8: School in Japan

音楽室 おんがくしつ

Page 9: School in Japan

体育館 たいいくかん

Page 10: School in Japan

美術室 びじゅつしつ

Page 11: School in Japan

理科室 りかしつ

Page 12: School in Japan

プールsorry, it was winter when I took this photo. This particular school doesn't cover

thier pool in winter.

I promise it looks like normal, clean, blue pool when it's warm outside.

Page 13: School in Japan

Bonus Rooms!

Some extra rooms that aren't included in your vocabulary

list but are also good to know!


Page 14: School in Japan

コンピューター室 コンピューターしつ

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Page 15: School in Japan

校長室 こうちょうしつ Principal's


complete w/ Principal!

Page 16: School in Japan

保健室 ほけんしつnurse's office

Page 17: School in Japan

英会話室 えいかいわしつEnglish Room

英会話 actually translates to "English conversation" but

this room is often just called the English Room.

Page 18: School in Japan

学校の像 がっこうのぞうschool statue

Many schools & public buildings have inspirational or

commemorative statues outside on the grounds.

Page 19: School in Japan


しゅうりょう!I hope you enjoyed this little trip through schools in