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  • Workshop 3 : Managing bibliographicreferences with Zotero

    Information Literacy Seminar January 2016SCD de l'Universit de Rennes 1 - INSA de Rennes - URF IST

  • [email protected] : about the training sessions

  • PLAN

    Bibliographic management softwares: introduction

    1. First steps with Zotero : installation and collectingreferences

    2. Organizing your citation library

    3. Creating a Zotero account

    4. Creating bibliographies with a word processor

    5. Sharing references : creating groups


  • Biblioghraphic management tools

    A free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and shareyour research sources

    Collect automatically references from ejournals, databases and web pages

    Store and enhance your references Manage easily massive reference corpus Save and store all your search material: PDFs, images, audio or

    video files

    Cite and generate a bibliography and insert the citations in a word processor (MS Word, Open Office)

    Synchronize and share: store your library online and access it from anywhere

    Collaborate: for collaborative work Avoid wasting time to copy and paste into your final document

  • 1. What is Zotero for ?

    Easy to use :

    2 versions available online :

    A Browser add-on : Zotero for Firefox


    A separate application : Zoterostandalone

    => Which can work with Firefox, Chrome or Safari browsers thanks to an additionnalextension

    NB : it is better not to run both Zoterofor firefox and standalone on the same computer

    Easy to download :

    Free and open source

    Created in 2006 by the Centre for History and New Media of the George Mason University(USA)

  • URFIST - SCD U.Rennes 16

    What can be done with Zotero ?







    Article with

    inserted citations

    and complete



    Zotero database


    references and


    Online and shared


  • 1.1 Installing Zotero

    Which version to choose?If you use Firefox browser:

    Choose Firefox add-on

    1- Download Zotero 4.0 from this page:

    2- Once you have installed Zotero : restart Firefox

    => Open Zotero dashboard by clicking on the z icon


    If you use another browser:

    Choose Zotero Standalone1- Select the version adapted to your OS (Windows, Mac,


    2- Install the extension linked to your browser (Firefox,

    Chrome or Safari)

  • 1.1 Installing Zotero

    By default, you will download a version in the language set up in your browser. To set up another language :1. Type about:config in the address bar2. Then, click I know what I am doing 3. Select general.useragent.locale4. Choose en instead of fr for an English version of Zotero.

  • 1.1 Installing Zotero

  • 1.1 Installing Zotero


  • 1.2 Importing and adding references

    1. Importing referencesautomatically

    2. Extracting references from a PDF

    3. Importing references from an identifier (DOI, ISBN)

    4. Making a reference from a web page (bookmarking)

    5. Adding references manually

    URFIST - SCD U.Rennes 1 11

  • 1.2 Importing references


    bundles of references

    Firefox 38.3

  • 1.2 Importing references

    Select the documents &

    referencesto save in the


  • 1.2 Importing references

    References have to be checkedand completed if necessary

    List of savedreferences

    PDF documents may be attachedto the references

  • 1.2 Importing references

    These websites are Zotero-compliant :

    ScienceDirect, SpringerLink, Wiley online Library, Google Scholarand G Books, PubMed, Amazon, ACS, Cairn, Europress, Sudoc, library catalog or discovery tool of Rennes 1 and INSA Rennes

    Non comprehensive list can be found here :

    Every page displayed on a browser (article from a website for whichno translator exists for instance) can at least be saved as a webpage with some metadata (type, title, Url, date of access). Thesemetadata need to be completed manually so that the referencecould be valid.

  • 1.2 Importing references

    URFIST - SCD U.Rennes 1 16

    Let us import an article from ScienceDirect

    You can either:

    save a bundle of references

    or a single reference

    Or use the export citations button on the results page

  • URFIST - SCD U.Rennes 1 17

    1.2 Importing references

    Drag and drop the

    PDF file under the


  • 1.2 Importing references

    More solutions to get citation information into Zotero :

    1. Retrieve metadata from a PDF

    2. Use ISBN of a book, or DOI of an article

    3. Add reference manually

    4. Create a reference from a web page

  • Retrieve metadata from a PDF

    1- Drag and dropthe pdf into

    your Zotero library

    2- Right clic on the file3- Retrieve metadatafrom PDF

  • Retrieve metadata from a PDF

    All the metadata areautomaticallyretrieved

  • Janvier 2011 URFIST - SCD U.Rennes 1 21

    1.2 Importing references using an identifier

    1- Copy the DOI

    2- Add a document using an identifier

    Dont forget to attachthe associated pdf

  • 1.2 Importing references

    Web pages

    Automatic import

    Complete the information

    if necessary

  • 1.2 Importing references

    If no automatic import is possible

    (even as a webpage or if no metadata can be extracted fromthe PDF)

    Then create a new item

    Choose the item type to add

    Fill in the fields manuallyin the right column

  • URFIST - SCD U.Rennes 1 24

    1. 2 Retrieve and create references

    Importing records from other reference manager softwares

    EndNote for instance

    Ex : RIS, bibteX formats

    Once you have downloaded the file containing the references onto your PC

    In the toolbar, use the Actions button ( )

    Choose Import

  • URFIST - SCD U.Rennes 1URFIST - SCD U.Rennes 1 25

    2. Organizing references

    Organizing your citation library

    Updating references Looking up the full text Sorting references Adding notes Marking up with tags Exports Linking 2 citations

  • 2. Organizing references

    Single referenceReference listLibraryand its


  • 2. Organizing references


    - Create a collection- Create a group- Actions : import, exportpreferences- New item : add a new itemmanually- Retrieve a reference using an identifier- Add a note

    - Attach a screenshot, link to thecurrent webpage, attach a copy of a fileor make a link to a file on your PC

    - Advanced search- Search into your Z library- Run the synchronizationof your library with the Zotero.orgserver

  • 2. Organizing references


  • 2. Organizing references

    Complete a reference

    Add more entries

    To complete a fieldclick in

  • 2. Organizing references

    Add notes and keywords

    Type the noteinto the text editor

    Click on the Tag tab

    Add and type the keyword

    Use the Related tab tocreate a connection (link) with

    another reference

  • 2. Organizing references

    Add a tagAssign a color

    Characterizing your tags

  • 2. Organizing references

    Sort and organize referencesMy Library

    Contains all thereferences

    Organize :Create a collection(folder) andsub collection

    Drag and drop thereferences

    Rename ordelete (right click)

  • Deduplicating and merging references

    Show duplicatesIn your Zotero library

    Select theduplicates

    View the contentMerge 2 items

    2. Organizing references

  • URFIST - SCD U.Rennes 1URFIST - SCD U.Rennes 1 34

    2 - Organizing references

    Search into your Zotero library

    Advanced search

    available from the


  • URFIST - SCD U.Rennes 1URFIST - SCD U.Rennes 1 35

    2 - Organizing references

    Performing a search in your library by using tags

    Display the tag

    window in the left


    It is possible to

    filter the references

    by selecting the

    keywords (tags)

  • 3. Saving your Zotero library on line

    Synchronize your references with the server

    It allows you to :

    Save your library on the distant server free until 300 Mo

    Create backups of your references save also on a 3e media (usb key)

    Access your Zotero library wherever you are create a personal account

  • 3. Save your Zotero library

    1. Create an account on server

    2. Enter your identifier and passwordClick in the toolbar the Actions buttonPreferences and Sync tab

    3. Run the synchronization

  • 4. Creating bibliographies

    Choosing a bibliographic style

    Creating bibliographies from a collection

    Using Zotero with a word processor Word or Libre Office

    Citing while you write instead of rewriting yourreferences

  • 4- Creating bibliographies

    Choosing a citation style : Zotero Style Repository

    Go to Zotero Preferences menu /Cite tabSee the 12 default styles

    To find other stylesClick on the buttonGet additional styles

  • URFIST - SCD U.Rennes 1URFIST - SCD U.Rennes 1

    4. Creating bibliographies